Occasions perfect for a helicopter pub crawl in Darwin


Helicopter pub crawls are also good weekend getaway experiences that can take you to secluded and stunning locations away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You don’t need a reason to go on a helicopter pub crawl but in case you feel like you do, these are our top suggestions!

Family Holidays

Keeping the kids entertained can be a little difficult, especially when they’re excited about being in a new or different place.

A helicopter pub crawl in Darwin is something that the whole family can enjoy. A thrilling experience that will be remembered as a highlight of the trip.

It will also make a great story to tell friends once you return home!


Giving an experience as a gift can be one of the most memorable choices.

As long as the birthday boy or girl doesn’t mind heights, this is bound to be a present they will never forget.

With pub crawls hitting fantastic places in Darwin and all over the NT, there is truly an experience for everyone.


Your honeymoon will be one of the unique trips in your life. Make sure it’s extra memorable with a helicopter pub crawl that will take you and your loved one to some of the best pubs in Australia!

Sightseeing on Holiday

Most of the time, tourists explore a destination by either walking or by road. Helicopter rides provide an alternative with an element of thrill.

Since you get to see the city from a new vantage point, even locals who have stayed in a town for decades get moved when they take in their city’s views from a helicopter’s seat.

Some tourists go on a heli pub tour as soon as they reach the NT to get a fabulous lay of the land.

Bucks Party

Just as a lady has a Bridal shower before the wedding, a man’s bachelor’s party is called Bucks Party Australia. The man holds and arranges the party shortly after entering a marriage.

A Buck’s party is usually planned by the groom’s friend or brother, occasionally with the assistance of a bachelor party planning.

Surprising your brother or friend with a helicopter pub crawl in Darwin will be an unforgettable experience.

Your friend is sure to be surprised. Even more so, if you can point to the pub you will be going for drinks, from high up in the air.


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