On A Postpartum Weigh Loss Journey? Here Are A Few Must-Know Things You Need To Know.


Postpartum weight gain is very natural. Every mother who gives birth weighs an extra few pounds from what she weighed before pregnancy. This extra weight is a good sign; you consumed good and healthy food during pregnancy to fulfil your fetus’nutritional needs. But, after childbirth, these extra pounds prove to be a major factor in mothers’ depreciated self-image and insecurities. If you are a new mother who wishes to shed the extra weight to fit right back in your jeans, here are a few useful tips for you.

What You Need To Know Before You Start Your Weight Loss Journey

First of all, you should know that this weight gain is very normal me you are not alone in your journey. One of the reasons why you have “belly fat” is because it is not belly fat at all. When you give birth, your uterus is stretched to the size of a watermelon. So the “belly fat” is actually a stretched and grown uterus that will take nearly six weeks to shrink back to the regular size.

Remember to be kind to yourself and your body. You both have gone through a rough few months. Don’t judge yourself and know your body does not define your beauty. With this settled in your mind, lets move towards a few tips that will help you lose weight correctly.

How To Lose Postpartum Weight

As a mother, I understand what you are feeling. Hence, here are a few tips that will help you lose weight correctly.

1. Set your gym at home

A deprecated self-image is depressing to have and it takes a while to overcome it. You might avoid the public eye entirely in your first month after childbirth. Moreover, it is not recommendable to leave a newborn in the hands of a babysitter. Hence, set up your “gym” at home. The most suitable thing you can do  buy Precor treadmills online. Set your goals realistically which takes us to our next tip.

2. Set achievable goals

Eager to lose weight, you may want to do all the workouts you see on the internet. This will not benefit you as it’s not healthy for your body that has just given birth. Set a realistic and achievable goal. Make a goal of daily goals and remember to gradually level up. Start slow.

3. Know it will take time

When you give birth, you will lose 9 to 11 pounds in the first week. The difficult part is what comes next. When you are working hard on your body and don’t see visible results in a week or two, remember to not lose hope or get heartbroken. Weight loss is a journey and it takes time.

4. Sleep matters

Being a new mother comes with a hundred new tasks every day. Your routine changes drastically. The thing that will be affected the most is your sleep schedule. It is important to remember that lack of sleep also causes weight gain. Regulate your sleep to see faster results.

5. Healthy diet

Lastly, only working out is not enough to lose weight effectively. Your diet plays a major role in weight loss. This does not mean you should starve or eat less, it means you should healthy. As a breastfeeding mother, your child needs nutrition, and what you eat will be passed to your baby. Consult a nutritionist for a healthy diet plan.


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