One-Hit Wonders: Cymarron


Cymarron is a now-defunct American soft rock band from the 70s music era. They achieved momentary fame through their hit single “Rings,” which reached the Top 20 Billboard pop chart. Despite releasing a full-length LP and several other singles, Cymarron wasn’t able to enjoy their success for long, ending up as a one hit wonder. Classic rock and pop fans as well as oldies music enthusiasts will still enjoy this popular tune.

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Cymarron was an American soft rock trio formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1971. The line-up composed of Rick Yancey (born in 1948), guitarist/saxophonist Sherrill Parks (born in Jackson, Tennessee in 1948), and Richard Mainegra (born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1948).

The origins of Cymarron began when Yancey was recruited as a studio musician by the American Recording Studios in Memphis, which was owned by Chips Moman.

There, Yancey encountered Parks and decided to collaborate. Eventually, Parks introduced Mainegra to Yancey. Inspired by the film Cimarron Strip, the group named themselves Cymarron, with a “y” instead of an “i.”

Only major hit with “Rings

Cymarron signed a contract with Columbia Records‘ subsidiary imprint Entrance, where they released a song in 1971 titled “Rings.” The song was penned by Eddie Reeves (known for having written other hits such as “All I Ever Need Is You” and “If You Wouldn’t Be My Lady) and Alex Harvey. The track was produced by Moman.

“Rings” reached #17 of the Billboard Hot 100 and #6 on the Billboard adult contemporary singles chart in 1971. It was also the title track of the band’s debut album which peaked at #187 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

The band’s follow-up single “Valerie” became only a very minor pop hit at #96, and their other singles and another album failed to chart. Unless you could count “Valerie,” Cimarron ended up as one of the one-hit wonders.

After Cymarron

In the early 1990s Yancey and Mainegra formed The Remingtons, along with ex-Bread singer-songwriter and guitarist Jimmy Griffin. Yancey and Griffin also formed a duo named GYC and performed together until Griffin died in 2005.



  • (1971)
    A: “Rings”
    B: “Like Children”
  • (1971)
    A: “Valerie”
    B: “Across the Kansas Sky”
  • (1972)
    A: “Start Again”
    B: “Keep Me Warm”
  • (1972 – promotional copy)
    A: “Start Again” (Mono)
    B: “Start Again” (Stereo)
  • (1972)
    A: “Right Can Be So Wrong”
    B: “What’s a Little Dirt”
  • (1972)
    A: “Right Can Be So Wrong” (Mono)
    B: “Right Can Be So Wrong” (Stereo)


  • Rings (1972)