One-Hit Wonders: John and Ernest



John & Ernest were another of those “one hit wonder” acts, who scored short-termed popularity via the Top 40 hit “Superfly Meets Shaft” in 1973.  The novelty duo comprised of John Free and Ernest Smith.  But no sooner after their second single “Soul President Number One” , which failed to chart, they plunged into total obscurity.

Short music career

John and Ernest are an oldies music duo from the 70s music era. This comic/novelty duo consisted of musicians John Free and Ernest Smith.

In 1973 they made their very fleeting moment of fame through their novelty single “Super Fly Meet Shaft.” The record was a patchwork of popular lines of the hit songs during that era, and the main characters of the were the protagonists of the films Super Fly and Shaft. The record was done ala Dickie Goodman, who also happened the producer of this single.

“Super Fly Meets Shaft” peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 on May 26, 1973.

The duo tried to duplicate their first single’s success with a follow-up “Soul President Number One” which was promptly unnoticed, before disappearing into oblivion.

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