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One-hit wonders: M

One-hit wonders M


M was a new wave/synth pop “group,” a one-man project of English singer and musician Robin Scott. M gained international recognition for their hit “Pop Muzik.” It was a for the electro-pop and dance genre for it was new musical style during that day. It became a huge transatlantic hit during the late 70s music era. A little more about M here in this article.

About Robin Scott

Robin Scott is an English classic rock singer-songwriter and musician born on April 1, 1947 in Croydon, a suburb in London. During the 1960s Scott attended Croydon Art College where he met future businessman and music impresario Malcolm McLaren who would be the manager of several bands (Sex Pistols, Adam and the Ants, Bow Wow Wow, etc.).

Scott began his career in music by performing self-penned topical music on the radio and television while still a college student. He released his debut album Woman from the Warm Grass, released on a small independent label Head Records.

However, the label folded, and soon Scott founding himself working in several gigs and musical projects. He eventually became manager and producer the London pub rock band Roogalator, whose bassist Julian Scott was his brother.

He went on to found his own label Do-It where the first album of Adam and the Ants, Dirk Wears White Sox, was released.

Breakthrough success as M

In 1978 Scott moved to Paris where he started as a producer for the all-girl punk rock band the Stilts. About the same time, Scott used a stage name “M,” and released “Moderne Man” under that moniker.

His follow-up single “Pop Muzik” became an instant success; it reached #2 on the UK singles chart but became an even bigger hit in the US, charting at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Not only that it became a transatlantic hit, “Pop Muzik” also went on to become an international hit, peaking at #1 in several countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland, as well as making the top 10 notches in many other countries.

“Pop Muzik” also featured vocalist and Scott’s wife Brigit Novik, his brother Julian on bass, Wally Badarou on keyboards and programmer John Lewis.

Although “Pop Muzik” was his only hit and charting single in the US, Scott as M managed to score three more hits in his homeland: “Moonlight and Muzak,” “That’s the Way the Money Goes,” and “Official Secrets.”

After M, Scott continued to work with several projects and musicians, including Ryuichi Sakamoto. He also used to dabble in African music. As of recently, he sang “Pop Muzik” at the Countdown Spectacular 2 series in Australia.

Despite Scott being a one hit wonder, “Pop Muzik” otherwise made a big milestone for being one of the first new wave songs to top Billboard’s Hot 100.

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