One-Hit Wonders The Glencoves and Their Hit “Hootenanny”

Introduction to The Glencoves

The Glencoves were a 60s music era folk/pop combo who came down to history as a one-hit wonder. They formed in 1961, in Mineola, in Long Island, New York. The Glencoves achieved such feat via their Top 40 hit “Hootenanny” in 1963. Their following singles did not chart and the group soon disbanded.

The Glencoves’ formation and early years

Best remembered for their 1963 hit single “Hootenanny,” The Glencoves were a folk pop quartet consisting of Don Connors (lead vocalist/banjoist), Bill Byrne (vocalist/guitarist), John Cadley (vocalist) and Brian and Brian Bolger (guitarist/vocalist).

The Glencoves’ lone hit single “Hootenanny”

Signing to Select Records, The Glencoves released their debut single “Hootenanny” b/w “It’s Sister Ginny’s Turn To Throw The Bomb” in 1963. “Hootenanny” charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #38 in the spring of that year. The title of their hit single was referred to folk singalongs during the folk revival trend, being played more in college radios.

The members’ post-Glencloves years

In 1964, The Glencoves split after releasing three more records for Select imprint. Byrne entered politics and he was voted as a mayor of Morgantown, West Virginia; he is now as a councilor of Morgantown City. Cadley, still in the music business, started to perform bluegrass music along with own bandJohn Cadley & The Lost Boys. He was also the half of the duo John Cadley and Cathy Wenthen.

The Glencoves’ discography (may be impartial)

Select Records

(May 1963)

  • A: Hootenanny
  • B: It’s Sister Ginny’s Turn To Throw The Bomb

(Aug 1963)

  • A: Don’t Knock
  • B: Ginny’s Come Home

(Nov 1963)

  • A: Devil’s Waitin’ (On Bald Mountain)
  • B: Better Think Twice

(Feb 1964)

  • A: Keep On Truckin’ Mama
  • B: Keep Away From My Gal