One-Hit Wonders The Ivy Three and Their Hit “Yogi”

Introduction to The Ivy Three

The Ivy Three was an American pop group from the early 60s music era consisting of Artie Kaye, Charlie Cane and Don Robin, all hailing from Garden City in New York’s Staten Island. They formed the band while they were undergraduates at Garden City’s Adelphi University in the late 50s music era, and then inked a recording contract with Shell Records. The label’s founders and owners Lou Stallman and Sid Jacobson wrote a song named “Yogi,” with the help of Charles Koppelman. “Yogi” became the Ivy Three’s only charting hit single, and after a few unsuccessful records, they broke up in 1961. Following the disbandment Koppleman and Rubin later became successful managers in the music field.


The Ivy Three’s Formation and early years

The Ivy Three was a Long Island, New York band comprising of Artie Kaye (nee Berkowitz), Charlie Cane (nee Koppelman) and Don Rubin. Formed in 1959, the trio were undergraduates of Adelphi University where they initially got together.


The Ivy Three’s only hit “Yogi”

In 1959, The Ivy Three was signed to the small independent out Shell Records which was co-founded by Lou Stallman and Sid Jacobson and Charles Koppelman who were also co-penned The Ivy Three’s first single “Yogi.” Referring to the cartoon character Yogi Bear and his sidekick Boo Boo, the song peaked on the Black Singles and the Billboard Hot 100 at #22 and #8 respectively, in 1960. The group never had other more hits after “Yogi” and the following year, The Ivy Three called it quits.


Career after The Ivy Three

Inspite of Ivy Three’s disbandment, Koppelman and Rubin were still in the music circuit, running their own managing company Koppelman-Rubin Productions. The two became successful managers around that time. They had handled several acts such as Tim Hardin, The Critters and Gary Lewis & The Playboys to name a few.


The Ivy Three’s discography (may be impartial)

Shell Records

(Jul 1960)

  • A: Yogi
  • B: Was Judy There

(Nov 1960)

  • A: Alone In The Chapel
  • B: Hush Little Baby

(Feb 1961)

  • A: Nine Out Of Ten
  • B: I Cried Enough For Two

(Jun 1961)

  • A: Bagoo
  • B: Suicide