Online Casino Bonuses: Everything You Need To Know

Online casinos have been around the internet and on application stores for quite sometimes now, but it is getting more and more popular today. One of the main reasons why more people are attracted to play in an online casino is the bonuses they can get. However, are all online casino bonuses the same?

There are several types of online casino bonuses, and more than one way to get them. Here is your guide to the best casino bonuses, and everything you need to know about them.

How can you get casino bonuses?

If you still don’t know it yet, you might be surprised at how easily you can get bonuses in an online casino. Everything you can think of doing has the chance of landing you a good bonus ion an online casino. Here are some ways on how to earn bonuses:

By signing up

Most online casinos offer you big bonuses just by signing up for their site or service. Usually, the rewards you can get from signing up comes in the form of free spins. You can then use these free spins to play their online slot games. The good thing is you can use these free spins to play for the chance to win real money, too!

By making your first deposit

Online casinos offer what they call a deposit bonus. This is given either after your first deposit of a set minimum amount or after you are able to deposit at least a certain amount in four to five installments. Good offers from generous online casinos can go from $1000 worth of online casino credits to even a whopping $2000 worth of credits.

The best thing about a deposit bonus is that you are free to use them as your “money” to play in most games in the online casino. Some online casinos have game restrictions on where you can wager your bonus credits, though.

By meeting a monthly deposit minimum

As it turns out, staying and playing in an online casino can also pay off. There are some online casinos that offer extra deposit bonuses for players who have met the minimum spending amount for the previous month.

Regardless of the amount, this deposit bonus also works in the same way as the deposit bonus you will get by making your first cash in.

There may be conditions AFTER you get them

No matter what kind of bonus you are about to get, always remember this: there is always a catch to it, most of the time at least.

The one important detail that is always hidden in fine print in the terms and conditions of these bonuses is what is called the wagering requirement. This is the required times you need to play or wager the bonus credit that you have received before being able to withdraw any winnings you may have won using it.

This is the reason why you might hear some people say that online casino bonuses are a scam. It is definitely not, but it can trick you into having the wrong expectations and thus lead you to disappointment. Worry not, though, as you can always read the fine print to know everything about the bonuses you are getting.

Final thoughts

It’s true what they say: nothing in life is really for free. No matter how good the offer is, there is certainly a catch. So, make it a habit always to read the fine print of all bonuses that you will receive from an online casino. It is still better to have proper expectations set early on than starting and ending on the wrong footing.