Online Casino Software Development – Technology Trends & Sustaining Customer Loyalty


The development of the iGaming industry has been consistently on the rise ever since it emerged in the mid-90s.

Immersive gaming experiences for slot machines, poker, roulette or sports betting, along with safe RNG-based payout systems upgraded by top-tier casino software manufacturers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming etc. have altogether established a viable reputation for casino gaming and brought it closer to general people, substantially increasing the interest and traffic of gambling enthusiasts.

According to market research by Statista, the market of Global Online Gambling, which had a value of USD 46M in 2019, is expected to cross an estimated USD 94billion by 2024 – you are looking at more or less a 100-billion dollar industry, scoping a 2x year-to-year revenue growth!

Of all the things, technology and software are paramount to this growth and proved to be the most resilient components keeping up the economic consistency for online casinos, past all industry hurdles, notably the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns.

From the HD-quality graphical games, HTML5/Flash and Instant Play platforms, to safe online payment methods, the up-gradation of technology and cloud-based gaming software have made it substantial for online casinos to cater to international clients with real-time transactions. Have a look at the technologies that are pivotal for the iGaming industry now and the advancements that will catch up in the future.

Mobile Casinos

Nowadays, smartphones do most of our tasks, and online gaming is no different. As predicted by market analysts, mobile gaming in the casino industry already surpassed PCs, according to a statement given by the CEO of Party Casino, about how 70% of their users log in via mobile devices.

Apart from the convenience of playing on the go, the sufficiency of mobile devices to conclude the entire customer lifecycle – starting from registration, money depositing, submission of documents, customer support, and up till successful withdrawal of balance – have further influenced the surge in mobile gaming. And casinos happen to take full advantage of it, by offering separate mobile-exclusive bonuses and promotional offers to allure more customers, that are avid mobile gamers.

Moreover, thanks to the markup language HTML5 that substantiates the streaming of web-based games, it dismisses much of the compatibility issues for downloadable games.

Progressive Web Apps and mobile-friendly software can be the next-best-thing for online casinos to invest in, for the cross-platform and cross-browser operations, working omnipresently across different devices like Android, iOS or browsers like Chrome, Firefox and what not. A big world to fit into the small screen – that the way it is.

Security of Payments and also the Diversity of Them

Besides standard payment systems of Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Bank Transfer, it is by including eWallets, Paypal, Vouchers and further diversity of payment options casinos are offering more openings to international customers. But to accord with that, secure Content Delivery Networks/ Data Centers is indispensable to keep the transactions free from cyber-risks like DDoS attacks, or data breaches. The value of cloud-native SQL database will be paramount for the scalability of online casinos.

Games with Ambience – from HD Graphics, Animation to Augmented Reality

People get interested in Gambling to win lucky stashes of money, but nowadays, gaming ambience is equally important, for what has been exemplified by the stunning graphical games like

NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest, or live dealer games by Evoplay and Microgaming.

Augmented Reality casinos cannot be too far off of the online casino radar, with the commercial availability of Oculus Rift outfits, the emergence of Virtual Reality casinos, is a sensation right now. But this is going to be a highly expensive affair because the investment on a full-set gaming PC and Goggles can cost a standard £1,500.

Interactive Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer games are not going to be left behind from the ethos of the fast-evolving Online Casino standards. And the new way of approach would come in the form of more interactive gaming sessions, optimized by HD-picture and sound quality, multiple views of the table while playing skill-based games like Live Poker, Blackjacks or a multi-player frenzy of Roulettes. As would be accredited by the immense popularity of interactive live dealer roulettes online at VulkanVegas and other online casino establishments, added with better percentages of payback and house odds, will be needed by casinos to stay put in competitive grounds.

The Esteem of Customer Loyalty

With the due course of advancements, the online gambling sector is bent on escalating a tremendous competitivity among casinos with dynamic aspects of rivalry, and Customer Loyalty can be more valuable to top in the bid. By offering realistic promotional offers and staggering loyalty programs, casinos should aim for not just activity but also the respect of its users. Moreover, substantial customer service will be a key player in influencing customer loyalty.

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