Online gambling industry in the Netherlands scores above expectations

The Dutch have been gambling more money online than initially predicted in the industry. In January-June of 2022, a staggering €500 million was lost at various online casinos – an impressive figure that is expected to be even higher by year’s end due to football fans that made bets on World Cup matches. This data has been released by the Gaming Authority and serves as evidence for why responsible gaming should always be practiced when participating in such activities.

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New Online Casino License

Long gone are the days that you had to worry about breaking laws when seeking a thrill through online gambling in the Netherlands. Not only is it perfectly legal now, but opting for an authorized and licensed casino ensures your data and funds remain secure. That’s because these new online casinos must abide by stringent regulations set up by gaming authorities – a guarantee of safety all gamblers deserve! So what are you waiting for? Log into an online casino with confidence today and test your luck!

Online Casino Bonuses

To incentivize customers and ensure loyalty, casino game providers often provide bonuses. As with any deal however, there are specific regulations that come along with them. For example, a new deposit cannot be encouraged after a loss by the casino itself. Additionally, strict requirements also apply to cashing out these rewards; generally speaking they must be wagered around 30-40 times before being able to withdraw it from your account. Therefore make sure you carefully read through all of the terms and conditions prior to accepting any bonus offers!

Online Casino Slots

Looking to experience the nostalgia of classic slot machines? Look no further than online casinos, where you can now find digital versions of all your favorite slots. For instance, Toto has recently released their own variation on a popular game with Microgaming’s collaboration. Rest assured that every virtual slot from legal online casino sources is subject to rigorous inspections and regulations, ensuring an equitable gaming environment for everyone!


In the meantime, the treasury is thriving. Thanks to the abundance of online gamblers, there has been a huge surge in gambling tax revenue. The casino pays off all your taxes while you play – during just six months of 2022 alone it acquired almost four hundred million euros for Holland’s state! Comparatively speaking, that number was considerably lower at only around one hundred million euros in the first half of 2021.