Online Lessons You Can Do During This Quarantine Period


With the current global pandemic, most people have been restricted indoors with nothing to do. There are students along with employees whose daily routine has been cut short thanks to the COVID 19. Despite the harsh effects of the global epidemic, there is a glitter of hope since you can take advantage of the free time and achieve something great. Institutions have launched numerous free courses that you could take advantage of. Here is a list of courses from different disciplines that you could study during this period.

1. Music Instrument Course

Everyone loves music, and during this quarantine period, you can learn how to use a few instruments. You can learn to play numerous instruments, such as drums, pianos, guitar, a flute, among other tools. You can enroll for an online guitar class that’s suitable for those who can’t afford to hire a personal instructor. You get to learn how to play an instrument in the comfort of your home, and all you need is the internet. Besides, experts from would advocate for such online platforms considering that it would be a convenient option for you, and it’s a straightforward way to learn guitar. You get to begin with simple concepts as you advance to the most complex aspects of playing any instrument. Take advantage of this quarantine period and learn how to play an instrument or two.

2. Language Course

Get to learn a new language through online courses or by using the numerous applications on play store. There are multiple languages such as French, Portuguese, Chinese, English, among other languages that you could learn over the quarantine period. By taking part in numerous didactic classes, you will learn the basics of the language.

3. Photography Course

If you have a passion for photography, you should take advantage of the quarantine period and enroll in an online class. Most of the modules will cover the basic and complex parts of capturing images. The best part is that each module lasts between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Besides, you get to learn how to edit videos; hence you will get the opportunity to do some freelance work upon completing your studies.

Photography Course

4. Cooking Course

If you have had a desire to improve your cooking skills or you are looking to do something exciting while you are confined at home, cooking lessons will be an ideal selection. It’s never too late to learn how to cook, and you can take advantage of the numerous online courses and learn some new recipes. The classes include single concept courses, multicourse modules, or a degree in culinary arts. You get to pick a course that fits your budget and your level of enthusiasm.

5. Communications Skills Course

You might assume that you’ve mastered the art of speaking and writing, but you might, however, be mistaken. You have the opportunity to advance your communication skills during this quarantine period. Most employers tend to prioritize how an employee communicates; therefore, now would be an excellent time to advance your career. With the online communication courses, you will get to develop better negotiation skills; you will learn how to present yourself before clients and learn how to write professional resumes.

6. Animation Course

Animation courses are one of the most exciting online courses since you learn how to make cartoons and graphic designs. You will be given a series of tutorials that will elaborate on everything. The course starts with learning simple techniques such as the art and creating stories; then, it proceeds to the tough part that includes the creation of the world of Pixar and how the film industry operates. The animation course comes in different languages and is aimed at beginners. You can enroll for this course and get to enjoy all the course content at the comfort of your home during this quarantine period.

7. Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields, and getting to know how to market would be an added advantage. There has been a recent demand for content marketers and SEOs; hence, you can take advantage of this period and learn these skills using an online platform.

Knowledge is power, and having that extra skill could make a massive difference in your life. With these skills, you will improve your chances of getting hired in the next interview. Take advantage of the quarantine period and learn a course or two. It won’t cost you much since most of the courses are free and all you need is a constant internet supply.

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