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Getting a moving quote from your selected moving company is so easy in modern times. All you have to do is to provide your contact information and moving details on the company website. The moving industry is enjoying the advantages of technical innovation and minimizing their in-home surveys for providing moving estimates. To understand the basis of moving quotes and estimates, it is important to know the type of moves and the factors that impact a moving estimate.

Why Moving Company Prefer Giving Online Moving Quotes

An online moving quote doesn’t only save your time and energy but also saves you from any hidden charges. Going digital is the need of time and getting online moving quotes is one of the best ways of staying safe in Covid-19 times. Online moving quotes from the best state to state movers associated with Pricing Van Lines include everything related to the move from moving trucks to services included in the deal. Quoting a price has never been this easy and simple.

A moving company can entertain multiple clients at one time with the help of an online moving calculator. Quoting a moving estimate online will save them from many in-home surveys that do not even get converted into deals. A moving calculator gives you an estimated price even before you add detailed information. Moving companies have some general price quotes for specific home types and move sizes and this enables a user to get an idea about the pricing without even entering their exact details and this process saves time for both the company and the customer. Some companies also provide advanced features like virtual home tours to get the exact moving estimate or final moving cost. So, offering and getting an online move estimate is beneficial for both parties. Now, when we know the advantages of getting an online moving quote, it is important to know the factors that impact our moving cost.

Types of Move

Moving home is a daunting and time-consuming task in both local and long-distance moves. There are various ways of moving a house including a DIY move, hiring a full-service moving company, rental truck, or a hybrid move. Though each type of move has its own pros and cons, hiring the right moving company for a long-distance move is highly recommended. Moving companies have skilled professionals to pack, load, and transport your goods safely. Most moving companies provide both local and interstate moves but some companies are not licensed to operate in other states so they are not allowed to work and cross a state line.

A long-distance move is different from an interstate move. Where an interstate move specifically means moving out of state, a long-distance move may mean moving within the state boundaries. So, it is important to understand your type and way of moving before asking for a moving quote.

Factors that Impact a Moving Estimate/Cost

For a local move, a moving company charges based on the working hours and number of people involved in the move. But for a long-distance or interstate move, many factors play a role in deciding the overall moving cost.

Here is a list of factors that may impact your moving cost:

Weight and Size of the Move

The weight and size of your shipment are directly proportional to the cost of your move. It takes longer to load heavy and big items and also needs a bigger vehicle to move them so the moving cost increases with the size of your shipment.

Distance to Cover

The distance between your current and destination location also impacts the cost of your move. For a longer distance, you will have to pay extra for gas and also to the driver for his long working hours. So, the farther the move, the costlier it is.

Packing or Other Additional Services

A moving company is responsible to move your goods from your old home to your new home and everything else that you want to add is chargeable. You will have to pay extra for every additional service that you will take. Additional services may include packing and unpacking your goods, disassembling and reassembling your furniture, organizing your heavy items, vehicle transportation, and cleaning.

Valuation Coverage and Insurance

Most moving companies provide basic moving insurance for your moving goods. But if you own a few expensive or delicate items, it is wise to buy extra insurance for them. A moving company will offer you two types of valuation coverage; Full Value and Released Value Protection. Though both protection covers state that any damage done to your goods during the transit will be reimbursed by the moving company, taking full value coverage is a better and comprehensive option.


Moving companies also provide temporary storage facilities and if you too want to avail this facility, you will have to pay extra for that.

An online moving cost calculator asks you about all these moving-related questions before quoting you a final moving price.

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