Online Tutor or Online Course: Which is better?

Technology has modified the education sector in numerous ways. With the ever-busy schedules, many lack time to attend regular class sessions, making online education favorite among many learners. When we talk of online learning, you can enroll for an online course or hire an online tutor to guide you. With online classes, you can effortlessly get an expert to help with your assignments. On those days you hear that inner sound within you asking, “do my math homework?” Online has a variety of professionals who will assist you at a reasonable fee. But, you can also gain a lot by engaging an online tutor.

Check out the reasons why online tutoring is better than online courses:

1. Ease of connection

You can easily connect with an online tutor through teleconferencing. They work remotely with students, and it’s easier to build a close personal relationship with a tutor than with an instructor in an online course. Tutors in online classes may not be available all the time. Online courses are flexible, and this means that teachers and learners may work at different times. They only interact via emails, discussion boards, or through feedback on assignments.  You can take online classes with ease without changing your daily routine.

2. Easy to gauge the level of understanding

It’s now easy for tutors to utilize webcams to broadcast live videos. With this face-to-face interaction, it’s simpler for the tutor to recognize instances when you aren’t paying attention. They can easily read facial expressions and tell when the learner is uninterrupted and unable to grasp the content.

With video tutoring, it’s easy to gauge a student’s retention levels and also check homework and other learning materials. But, with online courses, you download learning materials and study at your own convenient time and online free courses with certificate are a boon these days.

3. Use of whiteboards.

Online tutoring involves the use of the new video desktop technology. It features a built-in whiteboard, that a tutor can use to write formulas or sentences to aid the learning process. The whiteboard is handy in cases of math or English subjects. You can scan assignments and download to the tutor, enabling both of you to view the materials. The tutor can as well download study materials and give you for review. There’s also a playback feature that allows you to record learning sessions and review them later on.

4. Extra help

Online tutors can help you with challenging subjects like online maths tutoring, which makes you likely to score better grades. They also help you prepare for tests like the ACT, SAT, GMAT, MCAT, and many other college entrance exams. Online tutors also offer extensive instruction and clarification on topics that a student lags in. However, with online courses, tutors are less likely to provide such help; they are required to present the entire curriculum in a semester and only help with specific materials that you request.

5. Online tutors are cheaper

Online firms only offer a platform where tutors can easily connect with students, and you can negotiate the tutoring fee during the engagement period. Many tutoring companies offer services at varying rates, and you can pick what matches your budget. On the other hand, instructors offering online courses work full time are their fee is covered in the course’s total cost. You’re then required to clear all the tuition fees, and this may be costly.

6. Selection & availability

With online tutoring, it’s easy to get a tutor with a personality and skills that meet your needs. Online tutors can also be available most of the time and work after hours. But, with online courses, you don’t expect to find your instructor throughout since many don’t work overtime.

Final thoughts

Online learning is a new trend among many learners. With busy schedules, many lack time to attend regular class sessions hence opts for online education. Although online courses are very convenient and flexible, online tutoring comes with many perks. It encourages better tutor-leaner connection, is cheaper, and it is easier to gauge a learner’s understanding, making it the best option as compared to online courses.