OnlyFans for Android

This popular application originated in London and was created in 2016, available as OnlyFans App for Android. It works by allowing content creator users to generate revenue from subscribers who pay a fee to view photos or published content, where content can be viewed by purchasing a monthly membership. A content creator can generate an income of up to 80% of the fees charged, keeping the application with the remaining 20%. Followers can pay an average of 10 $ per month to view the content of the people who draw the most attention to it.

This application is a generator of uncensored content, which has become a website for adults only. The type of content can be audiovisual, where you can find explicit images and videos of sexual content of figures of your interest. There are people who sell other kinds of material that is not necessarily sexual, but it is not the main attraction of the application.

The interface of Only Fans for Android  is clean and easy to use. Content creators can show their posts only to viewers who pay their subscription. The user can choose their own rate from an easy payment plan.

This social network is aimed at any type of user who wants to be paid for their posts, following the entire Covid 19 pandemic increased the percentage of unemployment worldwide and this application has become the main income of many of its content creators, increasing the platform by 70% subscriptions during the quarantine on a monthly basis.

Many personalities from Instagram, Youtube and Facebook migrated to the OnlyFans platform to monetize their fame without censorship and generate extra income from home. Porn actresses have also taken advantage of the platform’s popularity to give their fans home video footage. A controversy has recently arisen over the income of the actress and former Disney girl Bella Thorne to the OnlyFans platform, as it broke the site’s profit record, where on the day of its premiere it raised over $1 million, and by the end of a week it had reached $2 million. This has generated a certain furor in the critics, and not only because of the high income generated in its short stay in the application.

If not for the type of content that it publishes, being this one not reachable to the expectations of the clients who pay for the same one. Cataloguing it like swindler, being expected these that there were photos and erotic videos as the accustomed thing in the publications of the application and not the type of content that publishes which they affirm that it is of the same type that climb on your Instagram. As a result, the application has taken certain measures to validate the content that its content creators promise and describe in their profile with the content they sell to avoid future legal disadvantages that label the application of frauds.

Download now Only Fans for Android and discover all its excellent benefits, either from the perspective of the content consuming user or the content creator.