Ooty- a place of tourism and the best hotels in Ooty

Ooty is one of the beautiful hill-stations in India located in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu. It is also known for various tea plantations such as green, dust and leaf, black and white etc. Different flavors of tea are prepared such as jasmine, masala, cardamom and even chocolate-flavored tea is prepared. The tourists should ideally visit this place from April to June or September to November. They can easily visit many places a day choosing travel packages. The visitors can enjoy the steamed dumplings served in the Momo House and enjoy different types of signature dishes also. The hotel in ooty offers several amenities and delicious recipes to the visitors. Taxis in Ooty provide conveyance services to the visitors.

Different types of tourist places in Ooty

Some places in Ooty are worth visiting and the visitors should always visit them.

Ooty Lake

It is a beautiful artificial lake that was built for fishing. The visitors can enjoy many adventures here such as boating, cycling at the side of the lake, etc. The visitors can find many types of boats for boating. They can enjoy visiting the boathouse located near the lake. They can enjoy their ride in the serene water.

Deer Park

This beautiful park is located 2 kms away from the Ooty Lake known for its rich fauna and flora culture. The visitors can view different types of Deer here such as Chital or Sambhar. It is a great place for wild enthusiasts. The Deer Park was established in 1986 spread across 22 acres land.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

It is known as a World Heritage Site and the visitors can visit the best places in Ooty in the train. They can visit the landscapes, the flowing river and the dense forests in the train. The track is located on the steep mountains and the travelers can travel at higher altitudes. They nearly travel for 46 hours on the steeped mountains.

Avalanche Lake

It is a beautiful artificial lake perfect for family outing. This lake is located 28 kms away from Ooty and the visitors can also enjoy activities such as fishing. They can enjoy trekking or camping on the high mountains. They can spend some nights in the pitched tent also.

Botanical Garden

One of the beautiful botanical garden is located in Ooty. In this garden, the visitors can find several types of flowers. They can also find different ferns and trees also. It is a large garden spread across 55 acres of land. The visitors can enjoy the lush green lawns and an artificial pond here. In this garden, nearly 600 spices of plants are found. The visitors should spend 3 hours to visit the entire garden.

Stone House

The visitors can visit this lovely old building constructed in the British era. In this building, the visitors can find many antique pieces such as coins, postal stamps, weapons, utensils, and learn about the ancient culture. The residents of Niligiri struggled in the past during British era. It is one of the best places of heritage.

Some of the famous hotels in Ooty

The visitors can seek for accommodation in the best hotels of Ooty. These hotels provide several amenities and the people can enjoy their stay in this place.

Beverly Villa

The visitors can enjoy spending 3 days in the villa. It provides excellent Wi-Fi facility to the visitors. They provide the best restaurant facilities also. The ambience of the place is great and the rooms are clean and the location is also peaceful. The rooms also provide facilities such as microwave and hair dryer. The people can choose to stay in different types of rooms such as Queen Suite, King Suite, or Economy Double room.

Woodland Residency

It is known for excellent staff and best customer services. The visitors can visit many interesting places from this point such as the fruit orchards, meadows, flowers etc. The staff members provide personalized services to the customers. They also provide free Wi-Fi facility and hot water for 24 hours. The visitors can also enjoy the car parking facilities and are provided with complimentary breakfast and can enjoy visiting the rose garden in the premises.

Accord Highland Hotel

It is a wonderful and peaceful place meant for relaxing. It is located in the dense forests and surrounded by a beautiful garden. It is a well-known 4-star hotel in Ooty. The staff is friendly and the customer service is excellent. During nighttime, they also arrange for bonfire. The visitors can enjoy free Wi-Fi facility in this area. They can enjoy watching the beautiful Nilgiri Mountains from the rooms. Even during the Covid period, they are providing linen sanitizers washed with high temperature. They are also providing the best-quality masks to the visitors.

Destiny Farm Resort

It is a perfect place for people who love nature and want to explore the spectacular mountain life. This hotel is situated between two hills near the pristine lake. The visitors can enjoy the biosphere of Nilgiri hills and the panamoric view of the mountains. The visitors of the place can enjoy numerous facilities such as the spa, and can soak in Jacuzzi, and ride along the mountain trails. The children can enjoy watching the farm animals and the fresh herbs grown in the region. They can enjoy the countryside rooms with wooden flooring and enjoy sleeping on the cosy rugs.

Club Mahindra Green

It is a hotel with all types of modern amenities. The people can enjoy several amenities in the place. They can enjoy activities such as horse riding also. Many other facilities are available in the place such as gym, fitness centers, and other children activities. The rooms are well-furnished with blackout curtains, telephone, coffee makers, flat screen TV, bath and showers etc. It contains the non-smoking rooms along with family rooms and other suites.

A hotel in ooty provides the best amenities to the visitors to feel comfortable. You can even visit nearby Kollywood as well!  The visitors can find the best hotels and they can enjoy their stay in ooty watching the beautiful nature from their rooms of accommodation.