Oppo A54, An Enticing Deal For Selfie Lovers

Oppo is again back in the competition with another groundbreaking deal for its consumers. Oppo A54, the successor of Oppo A53, is a 5G smartphone that became the talk of the town for its attractive build and design.

If the cost of Oppo A54 is launched with, is compared to the value for money. In that case, we can’t say it is pretty affordable for its specs because several other 4G smartphones available in the market provide way better specs at a considerably lower price range. But if you are looking specifically for a 5G phone with an attractive design and camera that can capture those pro-looking pictures. Then with no doubt, Oppo A54 is for you.

Does Oppo A54 Deliver What It Claims?

The oppo a54 price in Pakistan is around “36,500” PKR. In this price range, the company declared to give it’s their smartphone users a captivating streaming experience with its Fill HD+ display screen, 5000mHh battery, and 48MP rare and 16 MP selfie camera.

In this article, we will list down all the reasons that made users go crazy for this without missing the gaps that tick off the specs over design lovers in a smartphone. Below is an unbiased review of the Oppo A54 smartphone. We mean not to offend its users, so I hope nothing is taken to heart.

Gorgeous Design:

To talk about its design, IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL. The back of the mobile has a very dazzling opalescent finish which looks quite too pretty for an all-plastic mobile.

The weight is like your average lightweight handset, so there are no worries about streaming while holding the phone high over your face or having a game session, straining your wrist. In addition, the side-mounted accurately fast fingerprint scanner notches up the phone’s hand feel.

Average Display And Camera:

In A54, Oppo has seemingly been somewhat lazy because 6.5 inches full HD+ display supported with 1080 x 2400 resolution used to be quite a shocker couple of years ago but not now, especially at the cost of around 36,000 PKR. The streaming experience is good, and the overall in-app display has a bright touch.

Next, come the cameras. The 48MP rare camera and 8MP ultra-wide camera may amaze you, and it does a pretty good job capturing decent HD photos if the environment is adequately bright. The video quality is Up to 1080p HD at 30 fps speed, but unfortunately, it is not shaking and is movement-proof.

But hey! Oppo’s selfie camera is something good to look forward to. A54’s selfie camera is 16MP supported, so capture all those fun moments and gorgeous selfies with your fam and friends with Oppo A54.

Operating System And Software:

Oppo A54 runs on Snapdragon 480 supported by Android 11 ColorOS, which is once again not a fantastic choice of software for the cost of the smartphone. Its 5000mAh processor is expected to last over a day, but it will be bad news for gamers.

If you love games and are fierce about them, I’m afraid that the processor will not support games on high settings despite the excellent battery that may last for quite a few hours of intense gameplay on medium settings. Otherwise, you are good to go with gameplay on medium settings and general usage.


Oppo A54 offers 4GB RAM and 64GB storage but wait before you start complaining; it has a microSD card insertion option to enjoy extra internal storage.

Final Verdict:

Overall, in performance and camera, wise Oppo A54 is not a bad option; it is just that when it comes to value for money, this oppo mobile seems to stutter a little in justifying its value. All in all, we intend to put forth all the facts related to Oppo A54 before you so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.