Order in the Court! 5 Facts About Lawyers Who Changed the World


Professionals of all types have played significant roles in world history. But what about lawyers? Discover fascinating facts about lawyers throughout history.

Let’s be honest. You’ve probably wondered countless times how a career in law presents opportunities to change the world. Lawyers commit to the development of laws and policies that benefit all citizens in the country.

This article explores fascinating facts about lawyers in history.

1. Mary Jo White

Mary Jo White is famous for the prosecution of John Gotti and the perpetrators of the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1983. She also saw to the $340 million fine against Daiwa Bank of Japan for committing securities fraud. Mary Jo White is known for her bold and relentless stance when arguing her cases.

She chaired the Securities and Exchange Commission for four years until 2017.

2. Clarence Darrow

Clarence Darrow is famously known for handling many high-profile trial cases of the twentieth century. He defended Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold Jr. when they on trial for kidnapping and killing Bobby Franks.

The case was famous in Chicago and was published in newspapers as the ‘trial of the century’. The advantaged boys from affluent Chicago families had confessed and worked with the police to uncover the evidence of their heinous deeds.

Darrow used closing arguments that pointed out the boys’ young ages and unsound state of mind. He argued against the immorality of executing the young boys considering their mental conditions.

He managed to weaken the judge’ resolve after 12 hours of arguments. Despite the seriousness of the murder charges, the two boys avoided the death sentence.

3. Facts about Lawyers: Barbara Jordan

Barbara Jordan was an African-American woman who is known for her world-changing views and activism. She famously spoke in 1974 to call for public support in the impeachment of President Nixon. She also influenced the passing of about 300 bills and policies about criminal defense.

Barbara Jordan changed how women of color are viewed in the competitive legal field.

4. Joe Jamail

Joe Jamail is known as ‘the king of torts’. He was the wealthiest lawyer and one of the most famous prosecutors in US history. He was once paid a contingency fee of $335 million in a high-profile case.

Despite his rough and uncivil methods, his passion for law and his clients always stood out more. In the Pennzoil v. Texaco case, he managed to secure a $10.53 billion verdict. He was also a car wreck lawyer specializing in personal injury.

He was a billionaire until his death, and he achieved success without using any practice management software.

5. Thurgood Marshall

He was the 96th justice appointed to the Supreme Court of the US. He obtained his license to operate from Maryland. In the case of Brown v. Board of Education, he saw to it that public schools were desegregated.

He was also victorious in the Murray v. Pearson case that involved racial discrimination at the University of Maryland School of Law.

Wrapping Up

The famous lawyers were men and women who used their roles in political leadership and legal defense to effect notable changes. Some famous facts about lawyers show their commitment to making the world a better place.

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