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Original Locations of Famous Fast Food Chains

Most of the famous fast food chains can now be found in many places in different countries all over the world. But have you ever wondered where your favorite fast food chains kick started? If you’re curious about it, here are the original locations of some of the famous fast food chains in the world.

McDonald’s – San Bernardino, California

The first ever McDonald’s was located in San Bernardino, California. Today, it stands as a museum dedicated to the most successful burger chain in history. It was first named as “McDonald’s Bar-B-Q” in 1940 until the McDonald brothers overhauled the business and focused on burgers and fries.

Tim Hortons – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Tim Hortons – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Tim Hortons, according to many, is a Canadian staple. It was founded by Tim Horton, a professional hockey player. The first ever Tim Hortons, which is in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is still open until the present time.

Kentucky Fried Chicken – Salt Lake City, Utah

Colonel Harlan Sanders started selling fried chicken during the Great Depression from a roadside restaurant in Kentucky. But it was in 1952 when he opened his first KFC which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This KFC is still open today.

Pizza Hut – Wichita, Kansas

In 1958, Dan and Frank Carney opened the very first Pizza Hut in Wichita, Kansas. This building is still standing until now but it has been moved to Wichita State University in 1986. It’s planned to be moved again and remade into a Pizza Hut museum.

Dunkin’ Donuts – Quincy, Massachusetts

The original location of Dunkin’ Donuts has been standing since 1950. It has gone through renovations and upgrades throughout the years but it is still going strong until the present time.

Subway – Bridgeport, Connecticut

A 17-year-old named Fred DeLuca was looking for a way to pay for college. He borrowed $1000 from Dr. Peter Buck and opened Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1968, four shops were added and its name was shortened to Subway. The original Subway is no longer in that location.

Jamba Juice – San Luis Obispo, California

Jamba Juice was first named as Juice Club in 1990. The first storefront was opened by Kirk Perron in San Luis Obispo, California. The name of the store was changed to Jamba Juice in 1995. The first Jamba Juice store is still open and running until now.

Dairy Queen – Joliet, Illinois

In 1938, father and son duo, John Fremont “Grandpa” and Bradley McCullough opened the very first Dairy Queen two years after they invented the revolutionary formula for soft-serve ice cream. They opened the first store in Joliet, Illinois, along with a former customer named Sheb Noble. They knew that the business would be successful because on the opening day, they sold over 1600 servings of ice cream in just two hours. Read The History of Dairy Queen to know more about this classic restaurant.

Fuddruckers – San Antonio, Texas

Fuddruckers was founded in 1979 by Philip J. Romano, who is the father of Roman’s Macaroni Grill. The first restaurant was first known as Freddie Fuddruckers and it opened in a former bank in San Antonio, Texas.

Five Guys – Arlington, Virginia

Jerry and Janie Murrell along with their four sons founded Five Guys in 1986. Their first ever restaurant was located in the Westmont Shopping Center in Arlington, Virginia. In fact, the first five restaurants of Five Guys were all opened in Northern Virginia.

In-N-Out Burger – Baldwin Park, California

The first ever In-N-Out Burger was opened in Baldwin Park, California in 1948 by Harry and Esther Snyder. However, this first location was demolished when Interstate 10 was built.

Sonic Drive-In – Stillwater, Oklahoma

It was first named as Top Hat Drive-In, but the owner, Troy N. Smith Sr. discovered that this name was already trademarked. That’s why he changed the name to Sonic Drive-In in 1959. The very first Sonic Drive-In is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma and it’s still running today.

White Castle – Wichita, Kansas

The famous White Castle did not start in New York or Chicago but in Kansas. The first ever White Castle was opened in Wichita, Kansas in 1921. But it no longer exist today because the original location was turned into a parking lot.

If the original location of your favorite fast food chain is still open in the present time, maybe you might want to pay it a visit to eat and learn more about its history.

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