Our future

The emphasis on the fact that companies need strong leaders, and not just supervisors, has been made for at least the last five years. The idea is still warming that a good supervisor and leader are one and the same, but already cause much more doubts. We know that a manager and a leader are different concepts, but the world is not yet ready to get used to this knowledge.

But then what qualities should has a person to be a leader?

  • We can name much of them.
  • Be calm…
  • Be confident in yourself…
  • Break the rules…
  • Be honest…
  • Be flexible…
  • Have knowledge…
  • And so on.

Knowledge is so much explosive thing that we can not even imagine. Knowledge is our future. Let’s talk about future. We have got some currencies that can be new for you. Just recently, we took one step towards the crypto-future.

Here we go with BTC (Bitcoin), Eth (Ethereum ), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), LTC (Litecoin) and DOG (Dogecoin).

Bitcoin is a currency, the simplicity and convenience of which is that the payment between the two parties takes place without intermediaries and is irreversible there is no mechanism for canceling the confirmed operation. One of the main features is complete decentralization: there is no Central administrator or any of its analogs. That’s what makes it dependent. Bitcoins are very easy to use as they can be transferred to anyone who provides a valid bitcoin address or public key.

1. The Ethereum is a platform for creating decentralized online services on the basis of the blockchain

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the authors do not limit the role of ether to payments, but offer it, for example, as a means for exchanging resources or registering transactions with assets using smart contracts.

Total capitalization in January 2018 exceeded $ 100 billion, and the popularity is confirmed by the fact that such world-famous banks as VTB and Sberbank showed interest in the platform.

2. Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency that has separated from Bitcoin

So it turned out a new currency that has the same blockchain structure (without storing information outside it), but the increased block size to 8 MB.

3. Litecoin – second only to Namecoin fork of Bitcoin, with only small differences

An interesting point that distinguishes litcoin from bitcoin is that the complexity of the calculation is selected in such a way that, on average, one block is generated 2.5 minutes, which is 4 times faster than Bitcoin. This allows you to receive confirmation of transactions quite quickly .

4. Dogecoin – a currency based on Litecoin

Dogecoin, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, uses public key hash-based addressing. An interesting fact is that Dogecoin set a record for the daily number of transactions, surpassing all other cryptocurrencies in 2.5 times. 2.5, guys! By the way all these new currencies you can now use at King Billy online casino in Australia

It remains to summarize the usefulness of their use:

  • no inflation;
  • very low or even zero transaction cost;
  • very high speed of crediting the amount to the casino account;
  • the absence of intermediaries;
  • no control of transfer limits ;
  • safety, reliability, security;
  • technological advantage;
  • lack of financial censorship.

These factors make cryptocurrency the fastest and most independent currency in the world!

Very soon these technologies can occupy a niche in our daily lives. Not just casinos or illegal  trading.