Outdoor Collisions: Prevent Birds from Flying Into Your Windows


A window doesn’t appear the same to birds as humans. Instead of a solid, physical barrier, many birds only see the reflecting trees, sky, and foliage. For many birds, a window looks like another inviting fly path. If you’ve ever heard the alarming “thud” sound of an innocent bird flying into your window, it’s not a noise you’ll forget anytime soon (and what a bird hitting your window means to you, read here).

Up to one billion birds die from accidentally crashing into windows every year. They can die instantly from the crash itself, or from another animal killing them while being shocked from the collision and not having the ability to protect themselves.

Finding unconscious or lifeless birds is a sad reality for many homeowners, but there are a few tricks you can do to prevent such a tragedy from happening in your yard. Read on to discover how you can make your house much more bird-safe. Also, read these tips coming from the experts regarding how to stop birds flying into windows.

Install Screens or Light Mesh Nets

Installing screens or a mesh net on all of your windows will reduce the chances of birds slamming into the glass. Put the screens or mesh fabric on the outside of your home and cover the entirety of each window. Birds will merely bounce back if they fly into the material. Ensure that the screens or nets are at least two inches away from the house and are secure and taut. If you’re unsure how to install screens or nets, consider consulting a professional window insulation company to do the job for you. You may also want to consider replacing your windows for bigger, brighter new ones.

Add Decals

Another prevention method is to add decals to the exterior of your home. Put anything from sun catchers to masking tape to stickers closely together on the surface of your windows, no more than four inches apart. The decals will deter flying birds from zooming into the window. The trick is to ensure that the objects aren’t too far apart because birds won’t see them as threatening if there’s enough room to fly.

Bird Tape from the American Bird Conservancy (ABC)

A popular method among many homeowners is to place ABD Bird Tape on windows. The ABC is an organization dedicated to the conservation of wild birds throughout the United States. Recognizing how damaging windows can be for birds and homeowners alike, they’ve created ABC Bird Tape. It’s a translucent tape that allows light to shine into your home while safely deterring them from entering. Check out the organization’s website for more information.

A Helpful Tip

If you hear that horrible sound against your window and see a helpless bird lying on the ground, it might not be dead. It could be stunned from the collision and confused. To save it from other preying animals in the garden, put gloves on and place the bird in a darkened box for an hour or so. The baffled little thing might recover and gain enough strength to fly away.

As you step outside and look out into the back garden, regardless of the time of year, you’ll hear the sweet, comforting chirping sounds of birds. To keep such precious animals safe and sound, consider safeguarding your home against unnecessary bird collisions.

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