Pack Up! 11 Good Reasons for Moving


Each year, about 35.5 million Americans pack up and move house.

Thinking about becoming one of those people?

The reasons for moving are as different as the people who pack up their moving vans. Your motivation for moving won’t be the same as someone else’s, but there are common themes in why people move.

If you’re on the fence, consider these 11 reasons for moving.

1. Changing Space Needs

Over time, your need for space might change. 

Many people upgrade to a larger home after they have kids or have a change in family circumstances. The efficiency apartment you had as a single person doesn’t cut it when you get married. Or your small apartment starts to feel cramped as the kids get older and want more personal space.

Other people want to downsize. This often happens after kids grow up and move out of the home.

A smaller home is also more affordable and easier to maintain. People who want to minimize their lives may choose to go smaller.

2. Health or Aging Concerns

Do you have a health condition that’s made worse by your current climate or living situation? 

Moving to an environment that’s better suited to your condition might improve your symptoms or speed up your recovery. Areas with less pollution, fewer allergens, and mild climates tend to work best for people with asthma.

If you have environmental allergies, you may find some areas tend to trigger your allergies more than other areas.

For some people, age or injury can make a current home difficult to navigate.

A two-story home with no bathroom or bedroom on the first floor poses a problem for those in a wheelchair. An older hold may have narrow doorways and hallways that aren’t large enough for wheelchairs.

Moving to a more accessible home allows people with mobility issues to have more independence. Moving might be more affordable than modifying your current home, especially if it requires a lot of updates.

3. Job Opportunities

Is your current job lacking? Finding new job opportunities might mean considering different geographical areas, especially if the local opportunities in your field are limited.

Many people move due to relocations with the same company. Your manager may need you in a different location, or you might move to take a promotion at a different branch of your current company.

4. Better Neighborhood

Your neighborhood has a major impact on your happiness in your home. When you first moved in, your neighborhood may have been the best you could afford. As your financial situation changes, you may be ready for an upgrade.

In some areas, the neighborhood deteriorates over time. What once was a good neighborhood may now be less appealing.

Or maybe you liked city life when you were single, but now that you’re a parent, you’re ready for a more kid-friendly neighborhood.

5. More Convenient Location

Is your current home convenient to work, entertainment, and other places you go frequently? If you have a one-hour commute each way, that might be the motivation you need to move.

If you live in a busy neighborhood that makes it difficult to even pull out of your driveway, you might choose to move a quieter place.

For people who live in the city, access to public transportation could be a deciding factor. When you rely on public transportation, you want easy access to it.

6. Nicer Home

Even if you have enough space in your current home, you might be ready for an upgrade. In these circumstances, people often stay in the same city but upgrade to a nicer neighborhood with more upscale homes. 

Your starter home was exciting when you first bought it, but now you’re ready for something with more features and more upscale designs.

7. More Affordable Housing

Financial situations change over time, but it’s not always an increase in income. If your finances become tighter, you may find you need to cut expenses.

The average American spends 37% of their take-home pay on housing, which is higher than the recommended 30%. If you have a high amount of debt, you may find it difficult to afford your housing payment, even if you’re lower than this average.

Moving to a cheaper housing situation eases the strain on your budget. Whether you rent or own, moving to a cheaper area may be a motivation to change your address.

If you own your home, you may find that maintaining your current house is too expensive. This is especially true if you live in an older home that needs lots of repairs.

8. Relationship Reasons

Relationships with people can impact where you live. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you might choose to move closer to your romantic partner.

The opposite is also true. After a breakup, some people choose to move. That might be moving out of a shared home within the same city or moving to a different city or state to get away from the memories.

You might also move for family reasons. Perhaps you want to be closer to your parents or other relatives. That could be to spend more time together or to help take care of an aging or sick family member.

If you currently live close to family, you might want more distance if there’s tension there. Some people just want more space to live independently, which can be challenging if you live near overbearing family members.

9. Better Educational Opportunities

If you have kids, the school district you living in could be a motivator for moving. Open enrollment is an option in many areas, but it has to be approved by the school district. There’s no guarantee you can get your child into the desired district.

Living within the boundary of your preferred school district is the best way to ensure your child can go there.

10. Change of Scenery

Sometimes you just want a change of scenery in your life. Moving to a new city or even a new country pushes you beyond your comfort zone and allows you to experience new things.

11. Retirement

Jobs often keep people where they currently live. After retirement, you no longer have the reason to stay. Retirement frees you up to move to another city or state.

Some people choose to move somewhere warm, especially if they currently live in a cold climate. Others move closer to family or other retired friends.

Preparing to Move

Whatever your reason for moving, when you know a change is coming, starting to pack your boxes early makes the move easier. Having the right type of boxes available from a site like can make the move easier.

Keeping your reason for moving in mind also helps you stay on track as you prepare. Moving can be stressful, but the end goal can help ease that stress.

Reasons for Moving

What are your reasons for moving? Whether you want a change of scenery or have financial or personal reasons for the move, understanding your motivation can make the move less scary.

Looking for more thoughts on life? Explore our archives to satisfy your need to know.

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