Introduction to Andy Kim

Andy Kim

Short career summary on Andy Kim Andy Kim is a Canadian singer­-songwriter who hails from Montreal, Quebec. Several classic oldies music and pop tunes are connected to him. After releasing a series of unsuccessful singles, he encountered producer/Steed Records boss Jeff Barry who signed Yuoakim to his label. His first single under … Read more

Introduction to Parliament


George Clinton: the founder of Parliament (as well as Funkadelic and P-Funk) The architect of Parliament, Funkadelic and P-Funk was George Clinton. He was born on July 22, 1941 in North Carolina but grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey. During his teens Clinton became interested in doo-wop, and so he formed the … Read more

The Legend of Queen


Short summary on Queen Queen is an English rock band fronted by the dynamic and charismatic leader, the late Freddie Mercury. Their brand of pseudo-operatic rock and kitschy style and humor in their songs may not always win the critics’ favor, but they helped the band sell hundreds and millions of records … Read more

Introduction to Paul McCartney and Wings

Paul McCartney and Wings

Sir Paul McCartney – A Rock Royalty Of all the solo careers of the Beatles members, Sir Paul McCartney has had the most prolific one. During the 1960s he was the bassist of what would become the most influential and successful rock band of all time, as well the other half of … Read more

The Prince of Soul, Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye

Short introduction to Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye was an American R&B/soul/funk singer-songwriter and musician who was responsible trailblazing a new sound when he was in Motown Records in the 1960s, as well as his artistic independence helped loosen the reins of other artists. Gaye achieved his first Motown hit single “Stubborn Kind … Read more

Introduction to Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell’s early life and career Joni Mitchell was born Roberta Joan Anderson in Alberta, Canada on November 7, 1943. Anderson’s interest as a child was outdoor sports, until she was stricken with polio at the age of 8 due to an epidemic that was spreading in the country. After her recovery, … Read more

Introduction to the Folk Legend, Jim Croce

Jim Croce

Short career summary on Jim Croce Jim Croce’s career started in the mid-1960s with his first album Facets, which was independently recorded and published on his own funds. He and his wife Ingrid also wrote and performed together, releasing a joint album in 1969 simply titled Jim & Ingrid Croce. In 1970 … Read more

Southern Rock Greats Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd

When it comes to Southern rock, no one does it better than Lynyrd Skynyrd Lynyrd Skynyrd are one of the pioneers of the Southern rock genre in the 1970s, popularizing hits such as “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Free Bird”. Ronnie Van Zant was the band’s founding member when he was in his … Read more

Introduction to Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwod Mac – One of the best-selling acts of the 1970s Fleetwood Mac were formed in London, UK in the mid-1960s. Initially recording blues, the band released their first albums Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and Mr. Wonderful and their first singles “Black Magic Woman” and “Need Your Love So Bad”. The following … Read more

Meet “The Reverend” Al Green

Al Green

Who is Al Green? Al Green is one of the most influential soul singers the 20th century has ever produced. Sometimes called Reverend Al Green, the singer-songwriter also recorded many gospel songs aside from the secular material. By the time he released his 1972 album Let’s Stay Together, it became a hit … Read more

Introduction to George Harrison

George Harrison

A summary about “The Quiet Beatle” George Harrison (born February 25, 1943 – died November 29, 2001) was singer-songwriter and musician who first gained worldwide fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. While mates John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the band’s primary songwriters, Harrison also did his share in composing … Read more

Introduction to the Grateful Dead

Introduction to the Grateful Dead

Rock legends and jam pioneers The Grateful Dead has an eclectic blending of rock, blues, folk, country, improvisational jazz and psychedelic music and closely associated with the psychedelia/hippie movement in the 1960s. Because of their improvisational techniques, they are credited with launching what are called “jam bands”. The band began in 1965 … Read more

Bob Seger – One of the Pillars of Heartland Rock

Bob Seger

The rock legend Bob Seger Bob Seger evolved from being one of the hard-rockin’ musicians into one of the pillars of what is called “heartland rock” – the type of rock subgenre that has a straightforward style, and touches more on emotional and social issues rather than just entertaining the audience, just … Read more

The Rock and Folk Legend Neil Young

Neil Young

One of the most influential singer-songwriters in the history of modern music Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young has one of the most distinctive styles in American music. Especially during in his generation, Young rose to become one of the most influential singer-songwriters by writing and recording songs such as “Heart Of Gold,” “Old … Read more

The Iconic Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

A short career summary on one of the greatest singers-songwriters of all time The legendary Bob Dylan (born Robert Allen Zimmerman in 1941) is an American folk/blues/country singer-songwriter and musician whose songs reflected the counterculture generation as well as social and political unrest during the 1960s. His songs became anthems of the … Read more

David Bowie: The Musical Chameleon

David Bowie

No one can deny David Bowie’s tremendous influence on rock and pop music. His ability to adapt himself to the musical changes he had seen for the last four decades has him pegged as the musical chameleon – and along with the radical shift in styles came the change in the way … Read more

Introduction to Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night

Formation of the band Three Dog Night Three Dog Night is an American pop/rock/blue-eyed soul band originating from Los Angeles, California, largely known for its stirring vocal harmonies as well as having made hits from interpreting songs written by other artists. The nucleus of this group consists of Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron … Read more

Led Zeppelin — One of the Pioneers of Heavy Metal and Classic Rock

Led Zeppelin

Introduction to Led Zeppelin English classic rock group Led Zeppelin are considered one of the most critically and commercially successful iconic bands of the 20thcentury, led by vocalist/songwriter Robert Plant and his henchmen – guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham (died in 1980). One of the biggest … Read more

Little Richard – The Rock and Roll Dynamo

Little Richard

Who doesn’t know Little Richard and his iconic style? He was a force in the forming of modern rock and roll. Summary of Little Richard’s life and career The self-proclaimed “Architect Of Rock and Roll”, singer,songwriter and pianist Little Richard (born Richard Wayne Penniman on December 5, 1932 in Macon, Georgia) has … Read more

The Music and Harmonies of The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers were a musical force in the 50s and 60s. They influenced many of the most popular bands we know of today. The Everly Brothers – one of the most influential rock and roll duo’s The Everly Brothers were a pop and country duo comprised of brothers Phil and Don … Read more

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll

Elvis Presley

Introduction to Elvis Presley When you think of oldies music, you’d think of many things like 1950s rock and roll and Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley was the first real rock and roll star who rose into fame during the 50s music era. A white southerner who sang blues laced with country and … Read more

The legendary tunesmith, Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond

An introduction to Neil Diamond Singer-songwriter-composer Neil Diamond has enjoyed a long career that boasts hundred million record sales to his name and numerous Billboard hit singles including his adult contemporary chart smashes. He dropped out while he was a graduating student at New York University to accept an irresistible offer from … Read more

Earth, Wind and Fire – One of the biggest acts of the 1970s

Earth, Wind and Fire

Introduction to Earth, Wind and Fire Grammy Award-winning Earth, Wind and Fire are one of the most popular, commercially successful and influential bands in the 20thcentury, having produced hits singles, best-selling albums and an induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They reached the peak of their career during the … Read more

The Bee Gees and Their Music

The Bee Gees, from top to bottom, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb

One of the most famous groups of all time, the Bee Gees are a British-Australian group who catapulted into worldwide fame during the 1970s disco era. The Bee Gee’s sound can also be easily identified by their tight, famous three-vocal harmonies, with Barry’s falsetto becoming the band’s trademark. It is that kind … Read more

The Music and Legacy of Crosby, Stills and Nash

Crosby, Stills and Nash

The forming of Crosby, Stills and Nash Before the formation of Crosby, Stills and Nash, each of the members had belonged to their own famous group. Crosby had been a member of the Byrds as a singer-songwriter and guitarist; Stills had performed with Buffalo Springfield, also as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. And … Read more

Air Supply – Soft-Rock Masters

Air Supply

Introduction to Air Supply Air Supply is a soft rock duo consisting of Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock formed in 1975 in Melbourne, Australia. Early on they were considered a band with various musicians, but Russell & Hitchcock were always the key performers and eventually became a duo. Along with original member Chrissie … Read more

Aerosmith – One of the Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Bands


Introduction to Aerosmith Aerosmith is a successful hard rock group out of Boston, MA. The group had 21 Top 40 hits from 1975 – 2001, 8 reached the top 10. “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”was there only number 1 hit (4 weeks). They did however have 9 Mainstream Rock #1 … Read more

Introduction to ABBA


From stars in their native Sweden, ABBA became a global pop culture phenomenon ABBA was a pop group from Stockholm, Sweden from the 70s music to 80s music era. Band members consisted of Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad (vocals), Bjorn Ulvaeus (guitar), Benny Andersson (keyboards), and Agnetha Faltskog (vocals). The group had 14 US … Read more