Road Tripping Out West with Your Dog

Road Tripping Out West with Your Dog

If you’ve never taken your dog along on one of your family’s road trips, especially those out west, you may wish to reconsider. You’ll be surprised to find out how many places in the Great American West not only accept dogs but welcome them. Here are some great places in six western … Read more

The Top 10 Tips Every Woman Should Know When She Starts Crossfit

CrossFit is a fitness program that has gained a lot of fans, including many women around the world. It’s a way of working out that mixes different kinds of exercises to make you stronger and fitter. Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to shake up your routine, CrossFit can offer something … Read more

Comfortable Mountain Bike for Tall People

Most of us are well aware that there are a plethora of types and styles of mountain bikes available on the market. There’s a very high chance that even though you may be as tall as they come you can still get a mountain bike that will fit your every need and … Read more

Strange and Unusual Fads from History

From Pokemon Go, planking, twerking, and Snapchat filters, almost all of us are guilty when it comes to succumbing to at least one weird fad that has become popular throughout the years. But long before these strange fads were the thing, our folks had more bizarre was to pass their time. Maybe … Read more

What mountain bikes to buy in 2021?

New year is around the corner and you might think that now is the time you should say good bye to your old bicycle. The technology has come pretty far and it has changed the way manufacturing lines were once used to be. Now, we have more variety and options, with each … Read more

The World’s Toughest Outdoor Sports

The word sport was initially used for outdoor sports. The division of this indoor and outdoor is discovery of later ages. Outdoor sport is something that has always been very tough and hard. You have to be rough to win it. According to a wise saying, there is no gain without pain, … Read more

Tips on How to Train for Boxing

Boxing is one of the most straining sports, and it takes way more than just physical strength to endure your way through a successful boxing career. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to train for boxing to help you know where to start on this sports field. How to … Read more

What Type of Sports Were Played in the Middle Ages?

Most of the information about Medieval history revolves around their religion and church. But did you know that the people in those times also knew how to entertain themselves? More than their festivals and music, people in the Middle Ages have also enjoyed playing a wide variety of games and sports. In … Read more

Learn About these Ancient Roman Sports

Whenever ancient Roman life is being discussed, topics usually just revolve around their works and businesses back in those years. But did you know that just like in the present time, the youth of ancient Rome had also played sports? Ancient Romans had played a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and … Read more

The Colgate Comedy Hour and Its History

The Colgate Comedy Hour was one of the most popular TV shows during the dawn of television. The weekly program showcased musical and comedic talents of many of the most famous stars and entertainers back in the day. It ran for six seasons (1950-1955). The show proved to be so popular that … Read more

The History of Running Shoes

Isn’t it curious how you’ve likely never pondered the fascinating history behind the running shoes you slip on for a jog around the block or to head off to work in?  From their humble beginnings in the late 1800s, replete with spikes for cross-country adventures, to the advent of vulcanized rubber soles that … Read more

Infographic: 8 Crucial Steps to Follow to Survive a Mass Shooting

The information provided here is only to be considered for general help and guidance only. Always seek professional help and guidance to to prepare for any situation and during any type of unsafe incident. The Las Vegas shooting incident is one of the worst mass shootings in the United States, waking up … Read more

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