Introduction to the Charms

The Charms

Getting to know the Charms The Charms (also known as Otis Williams and the Charms) were a 1950’s R&B and doo-wop vocal group, led by Otis Williams. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, the group first recorded under Rockin’ label in 1953. The following year the Charms moved to Deluxe, where they would record … Read more

Richard Harris, the Legendary Actor and Singer

Richard Harris

Short career summary on Richard Harris Richard Harris (born 1930 – died 2002) was an Irish actor, film director and singer known for his films This Sporting Life, The Field, Camelot and Cromwell as well as  for his roles in the first Harry Potter films as Albus Dumbledore. Harris’ recording career was highlighted by his … Read more

Introduction to Ray Anthony

Ray Anthony

Career summary on Ray Anthony Ray Anthony was born in Bentleyville, PA, in 1922. He hit it big in the early 1950’s when his classic dance songs “The Hokey Pokey” and “The Bunny Hop” became popular. He also had hit songs with “The Dragnet Theme” and “At Last”. Ray became the musical … Read more

Introduction to The Fontane Sisters

The Fontane Sisters

Who are the Fontane Sisters? The Fontane Sisters were a 1950s to 1960s traditional pop music trio consisting of sisters, of course – Bea, Marge and Geri. Their popularity peaked in the 1950s – they performed in several tours and appeared on radio and TV shows such as the The Chesterfield Supper … Read more

Johnny Cymbal – A Talented and Prolific Singer-Songwriter

Johnny Cymbal

Short career summation on Johnny Cymbal Johnny Cymbal (1945-1993) was an American singer-songwriter and record producer. He used a lot of pseudonyms before settling on Johnny Cymbal. As Johnny Cymbal, he first tasted success when his single “Mr. Bass Man” (released on Kapp) climbed to #16 on the pop chart in 1963, … Read more

History of James Brown

James Brown

The Inventor of Funk and The Godfather of Soul James Brown is one of the most influential artists, leading him to be called as the “Godfather Of Soul”. Not only that, he had also invented “funk” and led to the evolution of hip-hop music. Brown has risen from poverty to become one … Read more

The Fireballs – Tex-Mex Rock and Roll

The Fireballs

Introduction to the Fireballs The Fireballs were an American rock and roll group who rose to fame in the late 1950s to early 1960s. They started out in 1958 as an instrumental group, later evolving into a full-fledged rock n roll band consisting of lead guitarist George Tomsco, vocalist Stan Lark, Eric … Read more