Pakistan shopping Trend Online in Pakistan 2021

Since 2014, Pakistan has been generating a huge amount of online traffic over e-shopping. Pakistan is inhabiting its culture of online buying preference as there has been an increase in online food stores, grocery stores, and huge retail online shopping stores. Pakistan’s e-commerce market is expected to generate about $1 billion in 2020.

The major reason is the internet penetration. With the easy access of 3G/4G internet, Pakistan has seen the massive rise in mobile internet users since last decade. Affordable and accessible internet has made it easy for people, brands, and organizations to be more viable in the virtual world. As per December 2019, Pakistan constitutes 55.4 million users with high-speed internet connections with over 78% of the users are between the age of 18 and 27. 

What made an upward trend in online shopping in Pakistan?

Just like the rest of the world, online shopping in Pakistan has exponentially risen over the past few years. 

The rise of retail and the subsequent home delivery industry is a major reason for the boom in Pakistan.  Online platforms such as, Amazon, Alibaba, Getnow, Daraz, etc have given the required thrust to the online consumer market in Pakistan.

Thanks to the thriving e-commerce business in Pakistan, customers can now get whatever they want at the doorstep without any major hustle. 

As per the research report released by, it gives insiders how much money is spent by Pakistanis, what kind of devices they use, and how the activity changes over the year.

  • As per 2019 report, half of the transactions made by Pakistan were solely through smartphones. 
  • Pakistan’s average mobile spending in 2019 was found to be Rs 9,695 compared to the Rs 9,164 made using offline modes. 
  • iOS users in Pakistan, which seem quite uppity everywhere, spend more than the Android users.Rs 14,510 and Rs 7,467, respectively, on average.
  • The report shows that more online purchases were made by the Pakistani Men (59%) in contrast to its women (41%).
  • Online shoppers in Pakistan are averaged between 25 and 34 years of age. This age group constitutes 56 percent of the online shooters in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan tends to shop more in December with an average order value of Rs 9,645, followed by November and October with Rs 9,096 and Rs 8,412 respectively.

As per this analysis, the most popular segment for online shopping in Pakistan includes clothing, followed by culinary, grocery, electronics, and travel.

Top Online Stores in Pakistan

The biggest player in the Pakistani E-commerce Market is The store constitutes the revenue of 35 million USD in 2019.  It is followed by with 32 million USD and with 22 USD million.

Store rankings generate the revenue based on the online traffic that shapes the e-commerce trend in Pakistan. 

One of the fastest emerging e-commerce stores in Pakistan is which generates 22 a revenue of 22 million USD in 2019. It revenue growth projected a growth trajectory of 279% as compared to 2018.