Perfect Guide to Choose the Right Venue for Your Corporate Event in Melbourne

Choosing the right kind of venue for a corporate event is important. As a host, you need to impress as many people as possible and ensure everyone has a good time.

Luckily for you, Melbourne is a city that has numerous great places to host large corporate gatherings.

In fact, the Melbourne Convention Bureau stated that in 2022, there were 17,600 international delegates expected to attend almost 25 international conferences in the city.

If you’re planning to host a corporate event in Melbourne, then this guide is here to help.

1. Set proper goals

Before looking at venues or food items, the first thing that you must do is set clear goals for your event.

You need to understand why you’re hosting the event and what you wish to achieve. After all, corporate events aren’t exactly cheap, no matter how many discounts you get.

Do you want an intimate team of only your coworkers and superiors from your office to attend the event?

Or do you wish to make it grand and invite delegates from far and wide?

Even the reason for hosting the event is important. For example, an event organized to launch a new product will be vastly different from one meant for an award night. So, be clear about the purpose of your hosting.

2. Check the calendar

There are lots of different events and functions going on in Melbourne throughout the year. Most high-end hotels and clubs are completely booked months earlier.

So keep checking your calendar to see which dates are available at particular places. And if your attendees have to visit other events, too, then it’s best to host your party off-season.

For example, try not to host a gathering during Christmas or New Year. If you do, then most of your guests won’t be able to make it to your event since they’ll probably choose to spend time with their family and friends at your event.

Moreover, most venue hire Melbourne can even offer you discounts during the off-season.

3. Consider the guest list

The guest list is very important when you host a big corporate gathering. If many of them are delegates traveling from outside Melbourne, you might want to consider booking the event at a hotel that assures you group bookings.

This way, your guests can relax and take some time off a day or two before and after the event.

Group block bookings are also great if the event is spaced across two or three days. Unfortunately, most corporate gatherings often go on for about three days, so you have to ensure that every guest is comfortable.

If you have the budget, offer special gifts to everyone who’s staying at the venue. This will boost your network and impression on others.

4. Take a look at the location

The location of your event is important for different reasons. You don’t want to invite distinguished delegates to a place that isn’t accessible by most vehicles. Stick to a place that is well-connected to both private and public means of transport.

The number of guests that you invite will also impact the size of the venue. Small gatherings can be easily conducted in a community hall or hotel in the heart of Melbourne.

But you might want to check out places in the suburbs for larger groups. Again, however, remember that this will only work if your budget is big and you have enough money to spare, even after looking at other variables.

5. Execute a seamless event

After all the arrangements are made, it’s now time to check the other aspects. You need to take care that the sound systems are working properly, the microphones are in great condition, and the audience seats are comfortable.

Acoustics are often overlooked when it comes to large corporate gatherings. If guest speakers are attending the event, you have to set up proper sound-proof facilities to prevent echoing.

Moreover, if there are PowerPoint presentations to be shown, a professional team should also double and triple-check the AV systems. Finally, keep a few people posted near the systems to handle any last-minute issues.

Over to you…

Follow these essential steps, which will undoubtedly make your Melbourne corporate event a success!