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Marketing is integral for any company, but you want to make sure that you are getting the results you should be from your efforts. This is where performance marketing comes in and it is a vital aspect for any company. Performance marketing is essentially a term that defines online advertising tactics that means advertisers only pick once an action has been taken. This could be something such as a click on a link, a sale of an item or signing up to a newsletter. Rocket Digital Group is a leading company when it comes to performance marketing. They have various techniques and strategies alongside a wealth of experience that ensures you receive the best results possible.

How does performance marketing work

There are many different forms of performance marketing and it is a great way for companies that are paying others to promote their products or services to track how well it is working. The different ways that people can do this include:

  • Cost per click – When the advertiser pays when their ad is clicked on
  • Cost per sales – The advertiser pays when a sale goes through from the advertisement directly
  • Cost per lead – The advertiser pays when somebody signs up to their newsletter or another email list through an advertisement
  • Cost per impression – The advertiser pays when an advertisement receives a certain amount of impressions (usually one thousand)

Performance marketing can come in many forms such as:

  • Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is when a company pays a website commission for links that direct back to their service or product
  • Social media advertising – Social media advertising includes links on social media pages both through the company itself and also through paying external sources to post about your company or product on their own social media page
  • Advertising through search engines – Search engine marketing includes PPC and other paid ads to show up on search engines
  • Sponsored ads – This could be sponsored posts on blogs or other websites, as well as adverts such as banner ads, page takeovers and other advertisements that appear on external websites

There are many benefits to performance marketing. The main one is that you pay for what you get. You don’t have to pay above the odds to receive no return on your investment. It is much more economical for businesses, particularly startups that don’t have a large marketing budget. It is also good for those that want to test which marketing methods work the best for them. They can then see which areas to focus their budget on, whether it is social media, adverts on external sites, PPC or elsewhere. They can split their budget and see what works best, changing around the allocation depending on which one gets the best results. It can also be tailored depending on the time of year and if there is a specific product to push for example.

If you are looking for performance marketing look no further than Rocket Digital Group Kft. Check out their website and see just how they can help you today.

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