Perks of Booking coastal cottages for your vacation


Holidaying in destinations home to a plethora of breathtaking beaches is a dream all sea-loving travellers share. Long walks on the soft sands beaches, a swim in pristine, clear waters, and the thrill of indulging in exciting water sports are some of the must-have experiences to enjoy in such destinations.

Booking coastal holiday cottages for a stay can take the vacation to a whole new level, making it comfortable and fun at the same time. Whether you are exploring famous beaches in Cornwall or the fairy pools in the Isle of Skye, accommodation by the waters will make the trip a lot more enjoyable and memorable.

Those who are yet to book their first coastal cottage will find the list below of incredible advantages it offers constructive.

Proximity to the sea

A significant reason sea-side cottages are among the most preferred forms of accommodation is that they provide quick access to the beach. Water-loving travellers most often look for rental space or hotel rooms near famous beaches in their travel destinations because they desire to spend most of their time by the sea.

An independent cottage within walking distance of the sea can make the holiday super memorable for travellers. It gives them the freedom to head down for a swim, surf, or enjoy a sunbathing session whenever they wish too.

Phenomenal views

Cottages by the sea are among the leading accommodation options because they offer guests stunning panoramic views of the sea. With the ever-changing waves and the sunlight casting eye-catching shades on the entire scene, one can spend endless hours on the balcony or patio simply staring at the calming waters.

A pro tip is to try looking for cottages on the south coast, as they can provide unmatched views of the sunrise and sunset, making your vacation that much more special. Moreover, imagine the number of picturesque travel photos you can take, permanently capturing the surrounding scenic beauty on film.

Excellent privacy and freedom

Besides the feel-good factor and mind-blowing scenery, coastal cottages offer guests plenty of privacy during their stay. Unlike at a hotel, you need not worry about sharing recreational rooms, patios, gardens, and similar common areas with other guests. Also, you do not have to put up the “Do not Disturb” sign on your door either when you wish to be left alone.

If travelling in a group, you can retire to your room in the cottage when you want to spend time alone or rest.

Pet-friendly options

Countless coastal holiday cottages in the UK and other countries offer pet-friendly accommodation, making things much easier for tourists arriving with their furry companions. You can choose apartments, independent units, farmhouse-style cottages, and other home designs by the sea, ensuring you and your canine friends have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Since almost all cottages come equipped with a fully furnished kitchen, you can whip up delicious meals for your dogs, too, and not just for yourself. This way, they do not have to adjust to eating food unsuitable for their diets. In your spare time, you can explore miles and miles of outstanding coastline with your pets, ensuring your pets get enough exercise.


When you weigh the kind of luxurious amenities, privacy, freedom, essential utilities, and comfort that coastal cottages offer, you will realise how well-priced they are. These accommodations can be exceptionally cost-effective when travelling in a large group and in need of plenty of rooms. That’s because you can quickly book a multi-bedroom independent unit by the sea that can accommodate more than five to eight people comfortably, rather than book numerous rooms at a hotel for sky-high prices.

Also, since everyone will be pitching in toward travel expenses, a luxury cottage can become even less expensive. So, you can stay in a high-end coastal accommodation and enjoy all the amenities for a fraction of the amount.

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