Personal Injuries That Can Turn Into Legal Lawsuits


North Carolina, the 10th largest US state, has a population of over 10 million people. With such a significant population, there’s a high possibility of personal injury cases. There were more than 247,214 traffic crash cases in 2020 alone. That can give you an estimate of how personal injuries can happen anytime and to anyone.

Personal Injury lawsuits can be filed not only when someone physically hurts you but also if you have been a victim of mental anguish due to the other party’s negligence or wrongful act.

If you are a victim of personal injury caused due to someone else’s fault and carelessness, you must file a lawsuit to procure compensation. Though an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney can guide you with essential laws related to personal injuries, here are eight types of personal injury that can turn into legal lawsuits. You can also check out our comprehensive guide on interpol diffusion notice to know all the available legal remedies you can resort to if needed.

Car accident

One of the major causes of physical injury is car accidents. Another driver’s carelessness might result in serious traffic accidents, putting your and others’ lives in jeopardy. If you suffer from a road accident and believe the other party is to blame, you must file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain the compensation you are entitled to. You can utilize the compensation to fix your vehicle, pay your medical bills, and deal with insurance companies.

Slip and fall

Slips and falls are more common in elderly persons who cannot move around efficiently, but they can happen to anyone. Falls can result in concussions and a variety of other health issues. Accidents and serious injuries can be caused by open utility hole covers, obstacles in the path, and slippery flooring. If you believe that if the person in charge of that area or premises had done their job correctly, the accident would not have occurred, you can file a personal injury claim.

Premises liability

Accidents caused due to defective conditions on someone’s property are referred to as premises liability. Accidents can happen practically everywhere, including grocery stores, restaurants, petrol stations, malls, and retail stores, as well as a neighbor’s home or a public or private swimming pool. A premises liability lawsuit might arise from various faulty or dangerous conditions, including falling from a staircase due to missing handrails, tripping over an obstacle, or slipping on a spill in a pathway or aisle, among many others.

Defamation: Libel and slander

Defamation is a type of libel and slander that involves untrue statements causing harm to a person’s reputation. Depending on the state and who the plaintiff is, the nature of your case and claim may differ. The plaintiff may be required to show how the misleading statement has harmed them and cost them money. For example, a misleading media statement or fake news can damage a company’s brand and cause their stock to fall, resulting in significant financial loss.

Dog bites

Though dogs are cute, dog bites aren’t. In many circumstances, if a dog bites or assaults another person, the dog owner is responsible for their medical expenditures. Even if the dog hasn’t displayed any previous acts of violence or attacks, the dog owner may face legal consequences in specific situations. The same legislation may differ depending on the state.

Medical malpractice

A patient is harmed when a doctor provides substandard treatments. In that case, you can file a medical malpractice lawsuit. It’s important to note, however, that a poor treatment outcome does not always entail misconduct. Learn when it’s medical malpractice and when it isn’t.

Assault and Battery

Physically assaulting someone on purpose might put a person in legal trouble. Unlike other types of personal injury cases, intentional torts are not caused by carelessness or negligence. They are done on purpose, implying that the assailant intends to harm you, which may potentially lead to criminal charges. The victim may also seek compensation for the injuries sustained as a result of the attack.

Defective products

Companies’ carelessness, or a lack of quality assurance and checks, might result in defective items that can harm your health. A faulty part of the vehicle can result in a severe accident, and you can hold the firm or manufacturer liable. This case also applies to defective food items that contain pollutants or any other dangerous substance that can harm your health.

There are many different sorts of personal injuries. If you believe the negligence of others caused your damage, and the inccident happened in the North Carolina state, you should seek legal counsel from a North Carolina personal injury attorney to obtain the compensation you are entitled to. They will make sure you receive the best medical care and reimbursement for your injuries.

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