Personal Injury Case: What are My Next Steps After Hiring an Attorney?

Getting involved in a serious injury is one of everyone’s nightmares. It is even worse when the injury could have been prevented and it stops you from doing your daily tasks and functioning in society. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that you open up a personal injury case to receive compensation for all the damages that you are incurring. One of the first steps that you must take is hiring an attorney. The last thing you need to worry about when recovering from an injury is building a case for yourself. With an attorney, you are increasing the odds of winning your case and getting proper and professional representation. While hiring an attorney is one of the most important things you need to do, it is not the only thing. 

Here are some of your next steps that you need to take after hiring an attorney in a personal injury case.

Collect and Organize Documentation from the Scene of the Injury

Hopefully when you got injured you documented everything that happened and took photos. Having this kind of information available greatly increases your chances of winning a case as you are able to provide evidence that an individual can clearly see. Start to collect all of this and put it together. Give your attorney the names and contact information of any witnesses involved so they can go about contacting them and collecting testimonials as well. According to the experts at, the more witnesses that are able to speak on your behalf, the better your case becomes. If emergency services or police were involved, they also produced documentation detailing everything that happened. Have your attorney contact them so this documentation can be used as well.

There is no such thing as having too much documentation and evidence to present. Therefore, ensure that you have scoured every area of the scene and collected all photos, testimonials, statements, and even any surveillance camera footage if there were any. Organize all of this and then provide it to your attorney where they will begin to create your case for you. Always collect and organize your documentation and anything else related to the scene of the injury.


Go to A Doctor

One of the most important things that you need to focus on after an injury is your own recovery. While you might want to get yourself involved in the case as much as possible, it will only slow this recovery process down. Going to a doctor after a personal injury is beneficial for two major reasons. Firstly, you are getting the care necessary to get better. People don’t realize that there can be many hidden serious injuries that are incurred when an accident happens. Getting yourself to the doctor ensures that these injuries and issues are spotted and dealt with.

Secondly, doctors once again help create another level of documentation if you inform them of how this injury occurred. They are aware of personal injury cases and have special forms to fill out and give you in these cases. Along with this, they can provide notice to your employer that you need time off to recover. If you are worried about medical costs, do not be. In these types of cases, the person responsible for your injury will need to cover your medical expenses and compensate you for it when you win the case. After contacting an attorney, make sure you go to a doctor to get the care that you need.

Inform Your Workplace

Inform your employer that you have been injured and will be unable to go to work. If they require documentation for this, show them the medical records and doctor’s note that you would have received in the previous step. If you are missing work due to an injury, once again, you will be compensated by the person responsible should you win your case. Therefore, start noting how many days that you missed at work and have your workplace do the same. Once the case has been settled and you have returned to work, provide your attorney with this amount of days and you will receive compensation for those lost wages. Always inform your workplace and speak to them when you get injured.

Injuries are always a terrible thing, but there are steps you can take to ensure they don’t ruin your life completely. Always collect and organize any documentation you have from the scene to give to your attorney. Go to a doctor to seek the care you need, and finally, inform your workplace of the incident as well. With these steps, you are putting yourself on the right path towards recovery and compensation for all of your damages.