Personal injury claims in Los Angeles: Check the dos and don’ts


You can never be prepared to deal with an accident that wasn’t your fault. Personal injury cases in California are constantly on the rise, and more often than not, people don’t pursue their claims because they have no clue what to do next. If you were injured in Los Angeles and believe that you have a valid case, here are the dos and don’ts you need to follow.

The dos

  1. Contact a personal injury attorney. You need someone who can offer advice, explain the legal options, and investigate your case, and an attorney can do all that and more. They can help you through the claims process, negotiate with the insurance company, and file a lawsuit in civil court when needed.
  2. Gather evidence. Unless you were rendered unconscious due to the impact of the accident, you should use the time to gather evidence and strengthen your personal injury claim. Take pictures of your injuries and the scene in detail.
  3. Seek treatment. Even when your injuries are minor, you must see an injury doctor and get a checkup done. It is common for people to discover injuries days or weeks after an accident, and therefore, it is best to ensure that you follow your doctor’s advice.
  4. Keep medical records handy. Your compensation should ideally cover all expenses, including medical bills and costs of treatment, and therefore, you should keep all medical records, including invoices and receipts you have paid so far.

The don’ts

  1. Don’t post anything on social media. Even if you are tempted to do so, do not post anything related to the accident or your personal injury claim on social media. The insurance company and the other at-fault party will keep a watch on your activities.
  2. Don’t give a recorded statement. The claims adjuster will want you to sign a recorded document or agree to their first offer but do not do so until you have a lawyer on your side. Let your attorney handle the communication for you.
  3. Don’t wait for too long. In California, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit in most circumstances, and while you may believe that is a long time, you may miss details if you don’t act right away. Get an attorney and start building your case from the day of the mishap.

Call an attorney now to find out more about personal injury laws in California.

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