Personal Money Management: Top 5 Advice to Save Money This Autumn


Saving money is an important and necessary part of modern life, helping to control and distribute costs, contributing to the rejection of bad habits and expensive food.

Saving money means learning the art of correctly and wisely distributing your budget in such a way that even a little money is enough for you for your needs and that is still left for your autumn vacation.

As a rule, there is certainly no shortage of entertainment in the autumn. It also means that there is no shortage of ways to spend money. But if you want to take advantage of the great weather and long sunny days without hitting your budget, read our top 5 pieces of advice to save money. Try these five ways to help you save more money in the autumn while enjoying the best the season has to offer.

“He who will not economize will have to agonize” — Confucius.

1. Get Smart With Travel

Autumn is the height of the tourist season. It is not too hot, but a lot of people like such conditions. You will come across the best prices for hotel rooms, flights, or car rental during these months. If you want to travel this autumn, plan your trip in the middle of the week, as prices can be higher on weekends.

Plan your return flight on Saturday (this is a cheaper option because most people want to fly back home on Sunday to extend their vacation for a longer time) or on Wednesdays, since prices will definitely be lower in the middle of the week. You will most likely be able to choose from several flights departing on the same day.

As such, please note that early departures provide significant savings. In addition, the possibility of saving money largely depends on where you are going, because in that place, there may be an off-season, and you can get into the local off-season. Therefore, avoid the crush of tourists and exorbitant prices.

2. Be Mindful of Your Electricity Use

Yes, the unbearable heat can really ruin the mood, and we all strive to cool down in every possible way. You don’t have to turn your home into a giant freezer to get some relief for yourself because it can make your wallet a lot lighter. Take advantage of cold nights: open windows and cool the house. Draw curtains throughout the day to keep the sun from heating up the rooms.

3. Include Free Activities in Your Plans

Attending free (or almost free) events can save you a lot of money in the autumn. Usually, people apply for a loan to have a rest, but not always it is a good decision.

Plan your autumn weekend calendar ahead of time — this way, you leave less boredom, which often leads to unforeseen expenses. Check what events in your city will take place in the parks, what concerts and festivals will be held outdoors, and take note of them.

4. Use Discounts and Coupons

Use Discounts and Coupons

Coupons don’t provide real savings if you use them to buy things you didn’t plan on (random purchases), but sites that consistently offer specials and discounts can come in handy for autumn events. Before buying tickets, go online and look for promo codes. It only takes a few minutes but can save you savings.

Sometimes it is better to get small personal loan if you find discounts for the journey. But count carefully if it is really profitable. We advise you to search for discounts and compare offers.

5. Give Up Unreasonable Spending

Think about how much money is spent on bad habits. This is alcohol and cigarettes and fast food, chocolate, soda — everything that is harmful to your health and wallet. These are all rash, impulsive purchases that you want to escape from stress.

Most often people get loans to cover these purchases. But borrowing money for unnecessary things is not a good decision. It’s time to start looking for other ways and save for the benefit of your health.

Summing up the budget savings, we can highlight several important points that are not new to you but nevertheless relevant:

  • Get rid of debt;
  • Keep track of your budget;
  • Optimize costs;
  • Use a system of fines and rewards;
  • Don’t go shopping hungry;
  • Use loyalty programs;
  • Set aside some of your income as soon as you get paid;
  • Think about ways to earn extra money;
  • All additional income – in the “piggy bank”;
  • Cancel unnecessary subscriptions;
  • Use discounts to buy solar panels and cut your energy bills;
  • Invest

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone” — Henry David Thoreau.

This way, absolutely anyone can learn to save their budget. Nowadays, this skill becomes more and more relevant in the autumn, when you can invest the saved money in more important acquisitions. The main thing is to know and be able to use little secrets. And then you will definitely succeed.

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