Places Where You Can and Can’t Vape: A Review

Although it might surprise many newbies to vaping, there are places where you can and cannot vape. You would be wrong to think you can walk into a restaurant, fire up your pod, and have the guests fall in awe of your cloud of vapor.

To save yourself the embarrassment, be an educated vaper and know where you can enjoy your vaping sesh and where you simply can’t.

This article has pinpointed all the common places that allow vaping and those that don’t.

Where Can I Vape?

If you’ve just gotten your vape kit from an online vape store near you, you’re most probably eagerly waiting to take it outside with you. Before you do so, make sure you’re familiar with the rules and regulations of different places that allow or don’t allow vaping.

Unlike smoking a cigarette, vaping is not banned in the following establishments:


Today, in 2022, there are more than 71 thousand bars and nightclubs in the US – the most visited places for social gatherings. Regarding vaping, bars and nightclubs don’t necessarily ban it, but it comes down to the management’s decision.


It should be no surprise that cafés and coffee shops will allow vaping on-premises due to the increase of customers who vape.

If the venues have an open terrace or smoking section designated for smokers, you can vape there. Now, even though there’s not a blanket ban on vaping in coffee shops, it’s still a good idea to check with the employees whether vaping is allowed or not.

Outdoor Spaces

One of the absolute sure shots for vaping is any outdoor space – you can’t go wrong. No ban stops vapers from vaping outdoors.

Your Home

Your residence gives you absolute freedom to vape, and no one can pose any vaping restrictions in your own house. Whether you’ll vape inside your home or outside, you have all of the freedom to vape, whenever.

Bear in mind that if you live in an apartment building, you might not be allowed to vape in the shared hallway.

Motels or Hotels

So far, vaping is not banned in sleeping rooms in hotels or motels. Ensure you blow away from the smoke detector, so you don’t set it off.

Although most hotels and motels would have smoking/non-smoking rooms, to be safe, check the smoking/vaping policy of the hotel before you vape.

Where I’m Not Allowed to Vape?

Unlike the list of places that allow vaping, the list of places that don’t is much larger.

Here are the most common locations you aren’t allowed to vape in:


It’s obvious why vaping isn’t allowed in or around schools. Second hand vape can be really damaging to the health of younger people, and stopping people from vaping is a good idea entirely. A lot of schools employ the use of a vape detector to send alerts to staff and faculty so that they can stop the vaping from taking place. These vape detectors are placed around the school in different places to stop students from vaping and damaging their health. They operate other deterants too like education, which shows people how bad vaping is, and awareness programs.


No matter if you vape or smoke a cigarette, all kinds of smoking are banned in hospitals – it’s a general rule that should be followed for health reasons.

You might argue that vaping is not the same as smoking cigarettes, but hospitals don’t make this distinction – all types of smoking are prohibited!

Hospital patients, visitors, and staff members should leave the premises if they want to smoke or vape.


Yes, restaurants follow a general rule: no vaping or smoking anywhere near food. However, if an outdoor terrace is part of the restaurant, you might be allowed to vape, but only if it complies with the restaurant’s policies.


If you’re waiting in line at the cinema and feel the urge to vape – don’t do it. Considering that these are closed spaces, vaping isn’t allowed in cinemas, be it waiting in lines or while in screening halls.


To be honest, stores and shops should be in the “so-so” category for vaping. Some shops allow customers to vape, and some don’t.

Naturally, vape shops allow vaping, but for all others, make sure to check with the employees before you fire up your pod.


To the disbelief of many vapers, vaping is a massive no during flights. Yes, you are allowed to take your vape on the plane in your carry-on, but you cannot use it.


Yes, your workplace is probably the one place where you should not use your vape. No matter how laid-back your work atmosphere is or how excellent the management is regarding the trend, state laws in different states ban indoor vaping.

However, states that have not restricted indoor vaping might allow vapers to enjoy this activity even at work. Yet, in this case, it would be wise to check with the local vaping regulations and your managers to be safe.

What’s the Safest Place to Vape?

Given all the vape-friendly places we’ve covered, a sure shot with vaping would be your own home and any outdoor space.

However, if you live in an apartment building, you should constrain your vaping within closed doors and not vape in the hallway, the elevator, or other shared spaces.

On the other hand, outside, there are no bans on vaping, so you can fire up your pod while taking a stroll in the park, standing on the street, etc. Plus, any establishment (bar, restaurant, etc.) with a terrace or open space should be a good place to fire up your pod and enjoy vaping.

The Final Say: Where Is It Safe to Vape?

Considering the constant changes in the laws and regulations regarding vaping, this activity is slowly becoming a more socially-accepted habit.

With that said, bars are usually the go-to places for vapers, but not all of them will welcome vaping with open arms. To play it smart, check if the bar has a smoking section or consult the staff if you can vape inside.

Your home and any outdoor space are safe places to vape.

Whatever you do, do not vape inside schools, hospitals, planes, retail stores, or restaurants. Although some restaurants have a smoking section or a terrace, check with the staff first.

To make sure you’ve fired up your pod in the right place, choose a vape shop, café, or any open space to enjoy your vaping sesh.