Places You Should Visit When in Ireland


Ireland is really a very progressive nation, and famous as a travel destination among several people around the world. The Emerald Isle is great for backpacking and road trips. You can also explore the beauty of nature and the green meadows that represent the countryside. No wonder it is a dream destination for every traveler. We will give you tips in this writing for the places you must visit when you’re traveling in Ireland.

Natural Landscapes

It can catch a glimpse of green rolling hills, rough seaside cliffs, and rock formations when people think of Ireland. You will experience all of that and so much more when you visit this country. You can admire or wander the high mountains of Wicklow and the Reeks of McGillycuddy. From the cliffs of the west coast take in the views across the Atlantic Ocean. Go sailing or walking along majestic lakes like Lough Erne and Lough Leane, and explore the islands where you can learn more about the language and culture. Some people prefer independent travel adventures rather than joining large group bus tours. The advantages are that there is no set schedule or timetable, and driving around Ireland with the freedom to halt any cool spot you discover along the way. You can check some information available online on what to know about car rentals in Ireland, rent a car for your journey, and start driving at your own pace to see the best-known tourist attractions.

Natural Landscapes

The Capital

Without spending a few days in the city, a trip to Ireland will simply not be perfect. Set in the middle of the beautiful coastline of the Irish Sea, the city boasts the magnificent St Patrick’s Cathedral which is the largest of its kind in Ireland and the renowned Dublin Writers Museum, where visitors can enjoy their time. The capital of Ireland is happy with music, restaurants, and superb street life. Guinness-fuelled pubs and elegant Georgian architecture, this capital city continues to draw visitors from far and wide with its mixture of culture and history. For shopping and live street performers on the sidewalks, be sure to visit St Stephen’s Green, the Guinness Storehouse, and Grafton Lane.  If you are looking for family friendly travel accommodations with a traditional Irish feel, visit Vikings Landing. You’ll love what it has to offer.

Historic Castles

Each trip to Ireland should include some of its historic castles since there are so many castles to explore and take pictures. Most castles were also definitely worth seeing in Ireland enough that you won’t be disappointed.  One of the most famous tourist destinations in Ireland is Blarney Castle, in the town of Blarney located just outside Cork CIty. Travelers from around the world are coming to this ancient castle to kiss its famous Blarney Stone. As they say, the reason people kiss the stone is to ‘gain the eloquence gift.’ You should first climb up the windy, narrow stairs to the top of the castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. You are going to lean backward and grab an iron railing to get in the correct kissing position. 

The Irish are making Ireland extra great, experience their joyful sense of humor and delicious cuisine as a visitor to its island. You will be able to enjoy the delectable local food during your time exploring Ireland, dig in into the famous Irish soda bread and Irish potato pancake. As they say, beauty is not just in the destination but the journey itself.

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