Places You Should Visit When in Thailand


Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia.  This amazing location is well famous for its tropical and exotic beaches, lavish royal palaces, ancient ruins, and ornate temples presenting figures of Buddha.

Thailand offers a combination of vibrant scenes that encompass lively modern cities crowded with motorbikes and tuk-tuks, Buddhist temples tended by orange-robed monks, hill tribes selling handicrafts, luxurious landscapes scattered with traditional farming villages, ancient ruins and stunning coastlines showered with stunning beaches and blue lagoons. These are some of the reasons why Thailand is such a popular traveling destination, especially all the main beaches in Phuket, for many individuals.

Why Choose Thailand

Thailand is a diverse country and offers different settings and options, depending on what your holiday aims are. Whether you are looking to spend a few weeks exploring exotic islands or if you are seeking the excitement of a lively large capital city or if you want to discover a new culture and learn more about it, Thailand is the perfect place where you can do it all. Whatever your option, speaking Thai at least a bit should be one of your goals before visiting the country as there are so many benefits to speaking the language and being able to communicate with the people. If you can, take some time to learn the basics as you will get a better understanding of the culture and Thai will appreciate your efforts.

If you have already chosen Thailand as your destination but cannot decide on the exact location to visit within the country, hopefully, this article will support you in your decision.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a wonderful busy town, which offers something for everyone, particularly those who want to make the most of their visit and wish to explore and learn more about Thai culture and history. This location is regularly used as a base for exploring the adjoining area. The town itself is quiet throughout the day when most of the tourists are out on day excursions, but at night the neon lights flash on and souvenir stalls and restaurants spring into action. The city is also popular among tourists, due to the museums that display local heritage, culture, and art. However, you can also find the Saun Mai Ngam Park, which is surrounded by lovely green spaces, trees, and exotic flowers, making it a wonderful place to relax and it is also home to the flower festival which occurs at the end of the year. 

If you want to enjoy the sunshine by the sea, Chiang Rai Beach is also a popular destination and great for picnics and riverboat cruises. On the border of Chiang Rai, you can find the Gate of Siam, which is a special place where tourists can enjoy exquisite views. Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park provides nature walks and attractive waterfalls. Lion Hill Cave is a must for the explorers looking for excitement as this cavern is encircled by picturesque scenery, hiking trails, and picnic areas. Many tour companies working from Chiang Rai guide visitors to nearby hill tribes to experience their culture and traditions.

Places You Should Visit When in Thailand

Khao Sok National Park

This location is appointed by many to be one of Thailand’s most stunning wildlife reserves. The Khao Sok National Park shelters jungle forests, limestone karsts, rivers, and lakes in the Surat Thani province of southern Thailand. This park provides many wildlife species a home, such as Asian elephants, barking deer, wild boar, bears, Malayan tapirs, and various monkeys breeds like gibbons, pig-tailed macaques, and langurs. You can also find exotic flora, which grows here including the rafflesia flowers, which are considered the largest flowers in the world and they blossom in late January and early February. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, rest assured as there are many trails in the Khao Sok National Park from which visitors can choose to revel in hiking through the jungle to view wildlife, take photographs of stunning waterfalls, swim in natural pools and appreciate beautiful landscapes from standpoints. Other activities offered include ziplining, cave exploring and kayaking and tubing on the Sok River, so this location is ideal for those seeking time in nature as well as participation in thrill-seeking activities.

Thailand Islands

If you are looking to have a more relaxed holiday, where you can enjoy the sunshine and the sounds of waves whilst enjoying stunning views, the islands off the coast of Thailand are your ideal location. These islands are popular amongst the world for their stunning beaches and for their beautiful scenery. There are three main groups of islands in Thailand; Ko Samet and Ko Chang is located to the east of Bangkok, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao are located in Gulf Ko Samui and Ko Phi Phi is located in the Andaman Phuket, although there are many more islands to choose from.

If you are travelling to Thailand, it can be difficult to choose the location as this is such a stunning country and many individual’s dream holiday. Whatever your needs and wants, there will be something for you and whatever area you choose, you will surely thoroughly enjoy your time there. 

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