Planning A Bridal Shower After the Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has led to public outdoor activities, including bridal showers, to be postponed and has forced many people to stay indoors in a bid to stop its spread. Couples that have planned to fulfill their lifelong dream of getting married have had to shelve those plans with the few forcing the line and doing it, some of them through digital platforms.

Nonetheless, it is essential to stay positive and have a plan in place for actualizing the bridal shower after the pandemic. Want to know how? Here are tips to help you devise a good plan.

Establish a Modest Budget

With the economies at a go-slow, the flow of money has been strained as people and companies try to survive the hard times. You will probably have less cash at hand after the pandemic. Therefore, the budget you come up with will determine the success or failure of your event.

In this uncertain period, having a modest event on a modest budget will be the wise thing to do. The aim should be to minimize unnecessary expenses but still strive to make your bridal shower a memorable one. If you feel strained, then you can seek help from family members and friends and request them to chip in with their contributions.

A Private Event Is the Best Option

Many activities have been stopped, and some cancelled altogether due to the pandemic. Social distancing has been enforced, leading to events that have been allowed to take place being attended by a few people.

So, if you are planning to hold your bridal shower after the pandemic, it will be useful to keep the event private since it will be inexpensive, and it will be in line with the social distancing regulations.

Outdoor Venue Setup

This is an important aspect to consider when preparing your bridal shower after the pandemic. The best place to hold your event would be in an outdoor setting, preferably an open space that can accommodate people and allow for easy social distancing.

Moreover, it will allow guests to participate in various bridal games comfortably.

Mind the Healthy Safety Regulations

Even after the pandemic ends, safety standards and procedures will still be in place to prevent another wave of infection. So, ensure that as you plan for your event, you keep in mind the public safety regulations. It will be prudent to plan the event as per the set health regulations.

You can consult with the health department in your local area for proper planning on the same. Nonetheless, the basic safety measures will include ensuring social distancing, having your guests wear protective gear, and having hand sanitizers in the event. Likewise, it will be appropriate to keep an accurate attendance record for tracking purposes if need be.

Plan for Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Having been indoors for such a long-time people will want to have a nice time when they meet up during your bridal shower. Planning interesting bridal shower games will help break the ice and create a lovely bonding environment.  Also try and book a hotel that provides a great Spa, the best shower system with body jets, and lots of open space to relax.

There are 8 Bridal Shower Games Guests Actually Want to Play. Some of these include the ring game, who am I, save the date, what is my age again? Where were we? Musical banquet, couple’s jeopardy, and love songs. There are so many to choose from that it can be hard. Rest assured, the games listed here will surely brighten your event and make it a memorable one.

Besides, most of these games can be played while practicing social distancing.

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