Planning a budget wedding during the times of pandemic


Only a couple of months is left before 2020 officially ends. This year Corona pandemic has dominated every sector of Life; be it financial, educational or social. People have for way too long postponed their social plans, since the infamous virus is not going away anytime soon, they have no option but to carry forward their weddings. Here are some tips on planning a budget wedding in the middle of a pandemic. Maintain all the protocol to ensure the safety and health of the guests that are coming to your wedding.

Limit the Number of Guests: Invite a small group of people to your wedding if you would generally invite 200 people to make sure now the list should not exceed 50 people only invite the close friends and family members to your special day the rest of the friends and acquaintances can see your wedding pictures and wedding videos and be part of an online virtual wedding celebration.

  • Inviting fewer people reduces on the wedding budget.

  • Fewer people equate less chance of spreading the virus.

  • Skip inviting the annoying colleague and blame it on the pandemic!

Setting and Theme: Instead of booking an elaborate and a grandiose wedding hall, go to the countryside to have a rustic themed wedding. The goal is to maintain social distancing and other protocols to avoid being affected. In the city, the chance of getting Coronavirus is far higher than it is in the countryside. There are beautiful farmhouses where you can plan your wedding with the backdrop of the natural scenic beauty that will only enhance the wedding experience. Do not spend lots of money on selecting the theme of the wedding. As a responsible partner, you should take care of your personal finance goals.

Virtual Assistants: Take all the help from technology and gadgets to help to bring people closer.

  • Create a digital wedding invitation and send them to your near and dear ones. There are so many restrictions on touching that it is best to go digital with the invitations. It is not an only smart way to handle the situation, but at the same time, it is cost-efficient as well.

  • Live stream the actual ceremony, so that people who are not able to attend the wedding get to be part of the experience.

  • Hire someone who would professionally handle the social media accounts of the bride and the groom to post pictures and videos.

  • You can also create different social media handles to upload your wedding videos.

Wedding Singers: Hire a local DJ or a musician who would play music at your wedding. Make sure the music goes with the theme of your wedding that you and your partner both enjoy. Enjoy one of the best things about this small wedding is that you have fewer people to manage.

Honeymoon Plans: The world is not ready yet for a romantic holiday right now. There are so many places that are still the epicenter of COVID-19 virus. Instead of planning an unsafe vacation, hold the honeymoon plans till the next year.

Planning an unconventional wedding can save a large sum of money. You and your partner may open a saving account to with all the money not spent in the ceremony. Invest the money in the stock market to generate higher returns or put it in a fixed deposit bank account for future use.

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