Planning a German Wine Tour


Germany is popular for producing great beers. But did you know that it is also a great wine destination for tourists? It has 13 official wine regions that have the country’s most beautiful scenery and finest foods which tourists can visit and experience repeatedly without strain. Germany’s wine regions feature countless castles, lordly manors, great landscapes, and fine cuisine which every tourist dreams of.

If you want to visit Germany to taste some the best wines they offer, or if you want to plan a German wine tour, we will be glad to give you some ideas.

The Best Time to Visit German Vineyards

The best time to go on a wine tour in Germany is from late April into the summer, and in the late autumn in August after harvest. But this will still depend on the weather conditions. When you visit vineyards in Germany during these times, you will be able to observe many different open-air wine festivals wherever you go which are the perfect opportunities to taste their wines, mix with people, and as well as enjoy local treats.

Part of these festivals are dancing and parades led by their reigning wine queen who is usually a junior family member of a local vintner. There are also fireworks displays and major culinary events scheduled at local restaurants during these times.

What are the Best Wine Regions to Visit in Germany?

When planning a German wine tour, part of the plan is deciding the regions and wineries to visit. Since Germany has a lot of wine regions, you will need to decide which ones you’re going to visit. Unless you have a long vacation and you want to visit them all. To help you decide, here are some of the best wine growing areas in Germany and what each of them offers.

The Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Wineries

The Mosel Valley wine road is about 140 miles from Koblenz to Trier. There are many small towns and vineyards in this region that will give you a lot of opportunities to tour, taste, and explore the local wine scene. Many wineries here do not require appointments, but not all of them are open to the public.

There are also local wine shops here that offer tastings and tourist advice. Aside from touring using your car, you can also choose to see the sights and taste wine via bike, hiking, or boating on their rivers. Their wine festival is held in August every year.

The Rheingau Wineries

This is a small wine region that contains wine estates which are linked by a network of footpaths and bike trails. This region offers wonderful scenic views from the hills. Its small towns have a lot of historic castles, homes, and of course, wine tasting opportunities. There’s also the city of Wiesbaden that offers varieties of tourist amenities such as parks, gardens, and natural hot springs that you can visit after wine tasting. Their wine festival is also held in August every year.

The Rheinhessen Wineries

This is Germany’s largest wine region. Its best vineyards can be found near the Rhine river. This region also has the best known wine towns such as Nackenheim, Nierstein, and Oppenheim.

The flavors of the wines here reflect the mild and almost Italianate climates provided by the Rhine river. Many vineyards along the Rhine river are hand-cultivated. There are also huge plateaus above the front which have large estate holdings, machine operations, and as well as large yields for mass consumption wines. There are a lot of dark purple-red, earthy Dornfelder that grows in this region.

The Pfaltz Wineries

This wine region is directly across from Baden on the Rhine river’s left bank. This is the site of the festival where the German National Wine Queen is being crowned every year. Their festival is being held every October. You can also try in this region the Saumagen, which is a local sausage. They say that your visit here is not complete until you have tried it.

Among all the regions, this one produces more wine, and it is also the warmest region in Germany. They grow here naturally sweet grapes like the Muscat and Scheurebe which are enjoyed as table wines with food instead of dessert wines. The German Wine Road can also be found in this region. It is the first named road to be established in Germany.

These are the best wine regions you can visit on your German wine tour. But aside from these, there are many other places that you can also try such as Wurttemberg, Nahe, Ahr, Franken, Sachsen, and Saale-Unstrut.

Planning a German Wine Tour

How to Get There

If you will be travelling by air and you want to explore south and southwestern Germany’s wine regions, then you will want to land in Frankfurt. From Frankfurt, there are many network of rail and bus service and public transportation is an ideal way to get around. If you want to drive, you can also rent a car but you should be prepared to park and walk to enjoy the tiny streets of the wine villages.

Organized Wine Tours

If it’s your first time to go on a wine tour in Germany, you can enjoy it with an organized and self-guided tours. Choosing organized wine tours will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of Germany’s wine country without the worry of drinking while driving.

You can also opt for a leisurely boat cruise to see the castles and the vineyards along the Rhine river. If you’re an athletic person, you will also enjoy kayaking down the Mosel, Saar, and Ruwer rivers, or take a bicycle to tour around wineries in every region.

Visiting Germany’s wine-growing districts is one of the most delightful ways to discover a different side of Deutschland. Whether you are a true wine enthusiast or a plain tourist looking for new places to discover, going on a wine tour in Germany is certainly a great experience.

We hope the information we shared gave you an idea about the best places to visit and the perfect time you can go on a German wine tour.

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