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Planning a Russian Wine Tour

Planning a Russian Wine Tour

We always incorporate Russia with vodka. But what we do not know is that Russia also produces great tasting wine. In fact, the wine industry in Russia has been growing intensively and there are a lot of beautiful vineyards in Russia where you can enjoy scenic landscapes and taste their best wines. Even though these wines are created with modern technology, Russian wine is still a local product and you cannot easily find them in supermarkets and abroad. The best way to taste these wines is to travel to the south of Russia and visit the vineyards. That’s why we are going to list down the best vineyards in Russia for your next wine tour.

Novy Svet

Located in the beautiful secluded bay in the village of Novy Svet, this winery was founded back in 1878. The Novy Svet vineyard was founded by Count Golitsyn and they are famous for their champagne in fact, their creation became popular worldwide because they won a Grand Prix at the World Exhibition in Paris. Novy Svet still makes real champagne up to this date. They use the same technique on how French champagne is made that’s why they have the permit to use the term champagne instead of sparkling wine.

Novy Svet has not changed their look since Soviet times that’s why this is the perfect place for the history loving people because the tour is focused more on the vineyard’s history. Nevertheless, all tours ends with a wine tasting of Novy Svet’s delightful champagne in a hall with glass stained windows.

Zolotaya Balka

Founded by Alexander Vitmer in 1889, Zolotaya Balka winery can be located at Sevastopol. Zolotoya Balka had a rough time after the fall of the Soviet Union until investors that came from Moscow tried their luck in revamping this winery. They still kept the winemaking traditions but the investors decided to add in an Italian touch to the process that also changed the appearance of the winery.

Aside from the traditional wine tasting during the tour, tourists can enjoy several attractions here at Zolotaya Balka. There is a modern art park, and Zolotoya Balka hosts an annual ZB fest every August it is a music festival that feature several Russian artists and DJ’s. Visitors can also go for a bike ride through the vines and have the chance to explore the vineyard more closely.


Considered to be as Crimea’s crown jewel when it comes to variety of wines, the Massandra winery has one of the largest collection of rare and fine wines in the whole world. They have the Sherry de la Frontera, one of the oldest wine in the world which was produced in 1775. Massandra was built between 1894 and 1897. Tourists can enjoy a delightful wine tasting and tours to the wine cellar. After that, they can enjoy the view of the sunset over the mountains while listening to a classical music concert in the wide courtyard.


Fanagoria is one of Russia’s largest winery. It can produce more than 20 million liters of wine a year. Fanagoria produces different kinds of wine like sparkling wines, cognac, grape vodka, white and red wines. Tourist can have the chance to see firsthand the vineyard, cooperage and of course, the largest underground wine cellar in Russia and enjoy a wine tasting event after.


Myskhako is a one hundred and fifty years old winery located at Novorossiysk. Myskhako continued to produce high quality, limited series of wines during the World War II, that’s why Myskhako was the favorite recreational spot of the Soviet elite.  Tourist can enjoy a guarded tour around the vineyard and taste still and sparkling wines after the historic visit in the underground tunnels of World War II.


Also located at Novorossiysk, Abrau-Dyurso is one of the popular spots for tasting Russia’s finest wine. Abrau-Dyurso was founded by Tsar Alexander II in 1870, this winery has a history of creating wines according to the classic French traditions. To this date, this winery is the leading producer of sparkling wines in Russia.

Tourists will not only experience a great wine tasting event, but they can also enjoy a guided tour around the winery, embrace the scenic view of the lake, eat hearty meals at the restaurants and cafes. There is also a school of fine dining inside the premises. And after a long day of walking and exploring, tourist can relax in their lovely Champagne Spa where they use grapes and champagne to soothe the body.

Now that we’ve listed the best wineries to visit in Russia, which of them would you like to visit soon? We suggest that you take a time off of your stressful life and take the next flight to Russia to experience these one of a kind wine tours that is good for your heart, body and soul.


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