Play online roulette in Canada correctly

The name “Roulette” comes from the French name for a small wheel, which appeared in the far 18th century. Today, absolutely all fans of online casino for real money at know about this game because online roulette is popularly called the queen of gambling. This confirms the popularity of the board game in modern times. You can find a detailed description of the history of roulette here: It has many advantages, but it forces you to study the types of bets, strategies, and tactics of the game.

What is online roulette?

The most important part of the roulette in online casino Canada for real money is the interface, which includes a playing field with bets, chips, and a wheel. The latter consists of numbered cells up to 37 pieces and differs in the sequence of numbers. There are several main variations of this board game:

  • European – This is the regular version with the classic rules, where the wheel contains from 0 to 36 cells, colored red and black. 0 or Zero is in green. Roulette has a low house edge of 2.7%, which attracts players’ attention.
  • The French – version is almost identical, differing from the European version in only a few special rules. The wheel also has numbers above the sectors. However, it has the rule of La Partage (carrying over half the cost of the bet if zero falls – reduces the house edge by half) and En Prison (bets on equal chances are frozen if zero falls and are transferred to the next round).
  • American – this is an improved version of European roulette, where an additional green zero sector, 00, or Double Zero, appears on the wheel. Therefore, the American roulette disc includes 38 sectors, which increases the house edge by almost 2 times – 5.26%.

Users without experience will quickly figure out the roulette in real money online casinos in Canada. Regardless of the software provider, it has a similar interface, which you can see in demo mode. This way, you will understand the variety of bets and can manually try out a ready-made game strategy or create your own.

How to play online roulette in a real money casino?

To get to grips with this table game faster, first, trust the opinion of our experts and choose one of the reliable Canadian casinos for real money. Next, register on the site and make your first deposit. Finally, you will need our instructions for a quick transition to the game for money:

  1. Trust your intuition and imagination in which cell the ball can fall after running on the roulette wheel. You can select one cell number or a group of numbers, even or odd, red or black, or a specific range of numbers.
  2. Place bets using the virtual chips at the bottom of the screen of most online roulette simulators. Depending on the available bankroll, you can set a different denomination of the chip. Put on the joints of the game table rectangles, lines, etc.
  3. Start the round by spinning the online roulette wheel by pressing start. This will allow the virtual dealer to drop the ball. It remains only to wait until the rotation of the online roulette and the ball’s movement is over. To place a bet correctly, study the game’s strategies on the forums of game connoisseurs.
  4. Wait for the virtual dealer to announce the results. Immediately after the ball stops, the player will be able to see the marker with the winning number illuminated. If your chips do not play, the croupier will be forced to take them to the casino account.

Players can repeat bets using the Max Bet key. In addition, some versions of online roulette are equipped with a double win, which raises the bet level. You can also inquire about gambling rules if you choose live dealer roulette.

Benefits of online roulette

We also recommend that you read the main advantages of gambling in order to understand whether it is suitable for you or not:

  • High dynamics of the game with rounds from 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Quick access around the clock.
  • High betting ranges.
  • Interesting bonuses for players in card and board games.
  • A wide variety of online roulette versions.
  • Safe gameplay and proven random number generator.

We would like to remind players that gambling causes a feeling of gambling addiction. Therefore, the administration of an average casino in Canada allows you to register accounts only upon reaching the age of 21. Do not break this rule. Otherwise, you will be deprived of both the account and the money with the complete deletion of the account.