Play this ancient casino game at online casinos easily

Introduction to Mahjong

Mahjong is an ancient Chinese betting game that originated in the Qing Empire and made its way to the west in the 1900s. These days you can enjoy mahjong at top online casinos and play for free or real money at your leisure. You can also use some of the great bonuses on signing up for any reliable casino such as no deposit bonus codes or match bonus or cashback or any other.

Mahjong is very similar to the classic game of rummy except that instead of using cards, it uses tiles. Over the years as the Chinese dynasty split and the game was adapted by Westerners, several different scoring versions have arisen but the premise of the game is still the same. Traditional mahjong was played with up to four people and at online casinos, you can play multiplayer games or single-player versions.

To start, you will choose tiles from a selection of 24. These tiles will then be turned over to reveal their value and you can choose to keep or discard some all or none. The objective is to make matching sets of four and this must be done over three rounds. If no sets are made at this time then the player loses their bet and the game. Payouts vary depending on the winning set created and after every winning combination is made, you can choose to keep playing or in the game. At online casinos, you can enjoy Mahjong in the browser or you can download the free software if you prefer. This easy game is highly enjoyable and it’s certainly one that remains a firm favorite of plays in Asia and across the globe.

How to play Mahjong at online casinos

As we said Mahjong is an ancient Chinese betting game that’s made its way not only to the Western world but to top online casinos too. A game that is often considered to be very similar to rummy mahjong makes use of tiles rather than cards to create consecutive or matching sets.

There have been several different variants and scoring systems of mahjong that have developed over the years, but even though they may differ from one another slightly, the game’s premise and aim will always remain the same.

  • To begin playing, you will need to choose three tiles from a group of 24. You can then keep or discard tiles at will but only three may be selected per round.
  • The aim is to make a set of four and if no set is created in three rounds, the player loses their bet and the game comes to an end.
  • A winning set is rewarded with a payout and mahjong can be very rewarding when played for real money.
  • At top online casinos, you will not only find a variety of scoring systems, but you will also be able to engage in multiplayer games as well as playing in single-player mode. Mahjong is traditionally a social game so the multiplayer option makes it all the more realistic.

Now you know how to play give mahjong a try and discover a fun yet a lucrative game that keeps you entertained with every turn of the tile.