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As one would say, and I totally agree, music runs in the blood and consumes the heart. Some of the bands that have worldwide popularity such as 80s alternative bands have a history that dates back to college days. It is undoubtedly true that institutions of higher learning contain the crème de la crème of the society, and this is evident even in the music industry. College rock bands are known to stand the storms and the test of time because they comprise comrades with the desire for change and are driven by passion rather than material gain.

Though some bands eventually get disbanded, as is bound to happen, they leave a mark that takes time to erase in the history of music. This is because of the vibrancy and energy that comes with the youthfulness of college students. Some of the most popular college bands include:

1. Public Enemy

Carlton Ridenhour (Chuck D.), Richard Griffin (Professor Griff), and William Drayton Flavor (Flav) who founded Public Enemy met at Adelphi University, Long Island. They left footprints in field of rock music and influenced generations of hip hop.

2. The Pixies

Joey Santiago and Black Francis saw the birth of The Pixies while studying at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Together with Kim Deal, their band really made “UMass” the place to be, and alternative rock was just their thing.

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3. The Commodores

Formed by six freshmen at Alabama’s Tuskegee University, the Commodores performed at Greek parties and won university concerts. They were top of their game for ten whole years before falling apart when Lionel Richie who was one of the star lead singers left for a solo career.

4. R.E.M

This list of popular college bands can’t be complete without R.E.M. The American rock band from Athens, Georgia, was formed by Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe. Through the best college radio support, R.E.M got established and became very popular among the first college bands. They disbanded 30 years later but are still known as one of the most popular college bands.

5. Steely Dan

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen were students at Bard College when they formed Steely Dan. They specialized in studio performance after giving up on live performance. They are known for their perfectionist culture and always want quality sound. They continue to have fans who are in love with their hyper-literate and very cool music.

6. Talking Heads

David Byrne and Chris Franz who called themselves the Artistics, met at the Rhode Island School of Design before moving to New York. As their name suggests, The Talking Heads are known for content rather than action. Their taste for design and impact of imagery was unmatched. Though the Talking Heads are known for content, Weymouth’s bass was so full of action.

7. Death Cab for Cutie

Ben Gibbard was the brain behind this popular band, after doing a solo project as a member of another band. He invited college friends and expanded his projects to birth Death Cab for Cutie.

8. Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd was started at London’s Regent Street Polytechnic School by Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright who were studying Architecture and Syd Barrett who was an Arts student at another college.

9. The Replacements

The Replacements were considered pioneers of alternative rock alongside R.E.M and the Pixies. The band was made up of the Paul Westerberg who was a guitarist and vocalist, Bob Stinson who was a guitarist, Tommy Stinson who was a bass guitarist and Chris Mars who was a drummer.

There are so many popular college bands. These are just a few of them. If you are an enthusiast of music or a music student, you can buy papers with all information that are very widely researched for your academic use. It is not easy talking about college bands without talking of rock alternatives, just as it is not possible to talk about rock alternatives without mentioning R.E.M, The Pixies or The Accelerators.  And of course there were many 80s one hit wonders as well!

If music is your passion, especially rock music, then joining or forming a college band is the best thing you can do. Contrary to the myth that you can’t perform well in your studies and follow your music passion, there are musicians out there with degrees who are making it big in the industry. After all, why work out your brain when you can buy papers? Academic work and research have all been made so comfortable with the availability of high-quality options from which to choose.

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