Potential Future Of Online Slot Games

Imagine if an avid slot gambler was to figure out the secret to time travel and whisk themselves away to the year 2019… they would have quite a shock for a wide variety of reasons. Modern human life is very different to what it was 50 years ago in many different respects, and one of the most noticeable aspects of this has simply got to be the world of slot gambling.

Online slot games like at Kingcasino.com are pretty commonplace to us nowadays, but imagine what someone who was used to the days of physical state casino machines would say now. In fact, they would have trouble grasping what the Internet is, let alone how to play on some of the absurdly complex games around at the moment. All this made us wonder; what is the potential future of online slot games? Will we be just as surprised in 20 years time? And if you want to play on a guaranteed-safe online casino, check out SLOTXO.

Even Better Gameplay & Bonuses

The gameplay in games such as Starburst or Bonanza is already pretty scintillating we must admit, but as technology progresses this is bound to get even better. For instance, we would not be surprised if the online slots of the future had graphics much like the best games on Playstation or Xbox. To go alongside this also the gameplay will almost definitely be a lot more complex and interesting, perhaps resembling open map games like GTA.

Furthermore, as developers compete to deliver the most attractive online slot on the market they will make their bonus rounds even more lucrative – nothing attracts players like the promise of more money now does it? And the funny thing is, with more people trying their luck on the reels, the bigger the prizes will become.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is currently in its testing stages across a wide assortment of different mediums, whether it be for gaming, watching films or simply catching up with loved ones. It is now getting to the point where we are beginning to see commercially viable VR set ups such as Oculus Drift, however the technology is yet to truly break into the mainstream.

When it does, however, you can expect a lot of major changes across the board, especially in the online casino domain. We are already seeing virtual reality casinos popping up, but these will pale in comparison to what will be available in a few years. Do you miss the feeling of sitting at a physical slot machine? Well soon you will be able to actually sit at your favourite online slot, all through the power of VR.

Play Anywhere

Mobile slots completely changed the game when they burst on the scene, and a lot of that is down to the fact that suddenly gamblers could spin the reels in so many more locations because of the inherent portability of a mobile phone. Well, many people are now expecting highly intelligent computer glasses to eventually replace the mobile phone as people’s number one possession, and when that happens we could quite conceivably be spinning the reels using these.