Practical Steps to Get More Instagram Likes

Instagram is a great platform for sharing photos and videos. It’s actually believed that the social networking site has millions of active users.  With such a high number of users, Instagram can be an ideal channel for promoting your brand. Whenever you publish a post, other users can react by either commenting, liking, or sharing with others. Likes on Instagram means business. You see, having many likes equates to more sales. It’s only brands that are seen more often that attract more customers. While there is the option of buying likes, organic likes are the crème dela crème. This is because they guarantee more conversions.  Here is a list of tried and tested ways of getting more likes on Instagram.

1. Post Consistently

This one goes without saying. People can’t relate with a brand that doesn’t engage with them on a regular basis. Even if you are using an app for Instagram likes, you must post relevant content at least three times per week. Some people actually post everyday while others post multiple times in a day. On the other hand, you should be careful to maintain a balance in the frequency of your posts. Remember, posting too often will turn off the majority of the users. It’s also important you stick to your lane. This means you should only publish posts that are in alignment with either the products or services that you offer.

2. Giveaways and Cross Promotion

Offering free items in terms of discount codes and downloadable items is the surest way of attracting the interest of Instagram users. Just make sure they enroll for the offers by liking your posts before they are directed to the goodies. You can even organize a contest and reward the users that tag you in their posts the most. To make it more interesting, offer an item that you are sure is sought by most people. Besides that, you should promote your brand across different social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook by adding a screenshot of your Instagram page on every post.

3. Create a Professional Profile

Your profile is what people see when they visit your page on Instagram. For a start, upload high quality images of yourself and the stuff that you trade in. This basically means that you have to upload images with fine details of your brand. Remember, no one will take you seriously if your profile doesn’t look professional. You should also add a link to your website so that users can use it when they want to know more about your brand.

4. Comment on Other Users’ Posts

You will obviously attract a huge following when you come out as someone who helps others solve their problems. To achieve such a milestone, you should comment when someone publishes a post that’s relevant to your business. That way, people will regard you as an authority in your field of expertise and give you an instagram like. You should also add emojis and hashtags in your comments. This is because people will be remembering you whenever they see the emoji or hashtag in groups and other platforms.