Preparing Your Employees for a Shift to Hybrid Work


As the pandemic changes the traditional workday time and time again, your office may be getting ready to prepare for a shift to hybrid work. This round may be the first time you have implemented a hybrid work policy, or this shift could mark the third, fourth, or fifth installation of flexibility for your company. No matter your feelings on working hybrid, you will have employees who both love and hate the scenario, and you must find a way to support them all through the transition. Learn the best ways to prepare your employees for a shift to hybrid work.

Communicating the Benefits of Working Hybrid

While some aspects of hybrid work are abysmal, other details are universally celebrated. As you prepare for the possibility of working from home again, make sure you highlight the positive parts of the change with a zoom office background as well as the apparent challenges that may arise during the stint at home.

  • No travel time
  • Snacks are closeby
  • No public sharing bathroom
  • Real pants are optional
  • No traffic
  • Eat when you’re hungry
  • No waiting in line
  • Lunchbreak power naps

Creating a Productive Hybrid Workforce

One of the biggest mistakes employers make with the shift to hybrid is micromanagement. They fear losing sight of workers will make them stop working, but the opposite is true. Many employees report feeling less nervous without the opportunity for coworkers or bosses to pop in for unscheduled visits that interrupt workflow and productivity. Instead, schedule purposeful meetings with a google meet office background for employees or teams of employees about specific items or projects.

Providing Opportunities for Effective Collaboration

One major downside of hitting the hybrid button is the lack of organic interaction. Natural conversations and spitballing often lead to some of the most innovative ideas and projects. To combat the absence of genuine interaction, create open forums digitally where employees are encouraged to log on with zoom backgrounds on Mac or PC to chat with peers. Create topics and label the rooms by each talking point or project. Wise guidance that fosters freedom to create is appreciated.

Supporting Your Employees Outside of the Office

Not every employee goes home to a furnished office with plenty of space to stretch their legs and comfortably complete their tasks. Many employees share spaces with their families, roommates, and pets. Workers with children may have to split time between work and parenting to ensure that children maintain their academic responsibilities if they, too, are on a hybrid model.

Many people could be working from one home at any given time while others will be alone with their computer, and each case will have unique needs. Send out a survey when the possibility of hybrid arises so that you know where your most sensitive areas of production will be and respond with support and compassion.

Whether you make the shift to hybrid or simply have the protocol in place, having these preparatory conversations with your employees will assure them that you have their best interests in mind.

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