Productive Things to Do While at Home or During Quarantine

Thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are all hostage in our homes. Travel restrictions are intact in most places, forcing us to remain stuck within the four walls.

For many of us, work is not the same without the coffee break gossips, screen interactions with friends lack the physical warmth, and limited outdoor options strangle free-spirited souls. When boredom adds up with the uncertainty of the times, our mental health suffers.

To take control of the stress and anxiety, experts suggest that we should indulge in activities that shift focus away from what we can’t control.

Here are some productive things that you can do to drive the quarantine blues away.

Enrol in an online course

COVID 19 is probably the worst event of our times but there has been one silver lining: A boost in online learning. Academic institutions worldwide are offering varied distance learning programs that you can undertake from home.

So, you can resume the degree you wanted to pursue or left midway. Take your pick and give a spin to your career.

Pick up a new skill

In this pandemic, pick up a new skill in your professional domain to increase your employability or pursue something completely unrelated just for the joy of learning. Check out your options with Learning Cloud.

Pursue hobbies

Did you lose touch with your favourite hobbies as life and career took over? It is time now to refresh them once again. Rustle up a gourmet meal, dance your heart out, dazzle a canvas with myriad colours, or boost that green thumb of yours.

Travel through books

Yes, COVID 19 has forced us to abandon all travel plans. Yet no one can ever stop your mind from wandering off to places. Pick up the books that have been piling up on your TBR list and go places in your mind along with the characters etched out by the authors.

Work towards a fitter you

Have you been putting off your fitness regime for lack of time? Now that the pandemic has given you ample time, chuck those excuses and do some push-ups and squats for a fitter body and mind.

Connect with friends

Did you find a long lost friend on social media? Then it surely calls for a celebration, albeit a virtual one at the point, with promises for the real deal when things turn normal.

Volunteer help for the less-privileged

Yes, you are holed up at home, living with the fear of the dreaded virus. But there are unfortunate ones out there who are in more distressing conditions. Extend a helping hand where possible or volunteer your services while abiding by social distancing norms. No other activity is more productive than being kind and helpful.

These challenging times has come with the opportunity of using an exhaustible resource: Time. Utilise it to up skill yourself, reconnect with friends and family, and overall keep yourself happy.

So which of these activities are you going to pick up for yourself?