Professional Indemnity Insurance- What Does it Cover?

Professional indemnity insurance is in high demand than ever before. It’s mandated by law for certain types of businesses, and it’s sensible to buy such coverage for your business. What makes this insurance cover unique? Professional indemnity insurance is an exceptional insurance policy that protects professionals from different allegations by clients or employees. It will guard you against errors, omissions, and breaches that may happen in the course of your work.

Do I need a professional indemnity insurance cover?

There are various reasons to buy a professional indemnity insurance cover for your business. If you offer consultancy services, clients may claim that there are mistakes in the type of advice given, and you need such a cover to settle the claims. To learn more about this, contact Smart Business Insurance to speak with experts before making a decision.

On the other hand, if your work involves handling people’s data, you can easily face claims though disclosing such information accidentally. You then need professional indemnity coverage to help deal with such claims.

In some businesses, clients insist that you have the cover before working with them, and you should purchase one to maintain good working relationships. Many professionals need a professional indemnity insurance cover, these include;

  • IT and business consultants
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Interior designers
  • Risk management

What does Professional indemnity insurance cover?

Professional indemnity insurance covers an extensive range of potential risks. It can help guard your business by covering those seemingly small errors that can be quite costly. This insurance cover caters to mistakes, professional negligence, unintentional confidentiality breaches, and data or document loss. That’s not all though, let’s dive in for more.

1. Bodily injuries

Professional indemnity covers third-party compensation for injuries resulting from negligence when performing professional duties. The policy covers financial loss, personal injuries, and property damages resulting in negligence, errors, or omissions while offering services. However, it doesn’t cover other injures that occur in your place of work. For instance, if a client incurs injuries from a slip or fall in your office, you need a public liability cover for that.

2. Employees& Contractors

Professional indemnity insurance can cover blunders by your workers if they result in compensation claims by your clients. This also includes mistakes made by contractors. But, you should inform the insurance firm of any employees in your business.

3. 3Defamation

Defamation involves false spoken or written allegations that hurt someone’s reputation. Professional indemnity insurance covers unintentional defamation. But, confirm this with the insurance company to be sure.

4. Budget overruns

Some clients can claim that you have failed in your duties, causing budget overruns. This can result in a compensation claim, and a professional indemnity cover will come to your aid.

However, such claims are intricate, and the cover varies between insurance companies. To be sure about this, confirm the clause from your policy documents or discuss this with your provider.

Final thoughts

Professional indemnity insurance is handy for businesses dealing with service provision. It can guard your business against most claims by clients. To purchase the best policy, talk to an insurance broker near you, and get the necessary guidance.