Professor Lee Kai-Fu on the creation of The Lifeasapa Foundation


The Lifeasapa is an artificial intelligence organization that has made the lives of many people easier. Its founder is professor Lee Kai-Fu. This is the president of the University of Artificial Intelligence, an entrepreneur.

The professor decided that a person should do his own thing, which leaves the possibility of personal growth. Scientific work allows you to develop professionally. Lee Kai-Fu noticed that technologies take a lot of our time. He was constantly interested in innovations. So, the professor decided to create the Lifeasapa.

For several years, people did not know anything about the foundation. The founder was afraid of other people judgments, as well as unnecessary advices. Now there are many developments, so no one’s opinion will affect them.

The main advantage of the organization is that no one knows about its activities. What happens in laboratories is non-public. At the same time, a person does what he is fond of, and also develops science and makes new discoveries. The company has a team of real professionals. These people have been one strong unit for many years. They work together and create numerous innovative technologies.

In business, not only the goal is important, but also the inspiration that helps to go towards it. You should remember that there are ups and downs in any business. The main thing is not to give up and keep going. “It happens that the daily grind covers you. You just need to say “Stop” in time”, – the professor says.

The world does not stand still, so you also need to adapt to it. The main thing is to contribute to world science, so that you will leave your mark in history. The Lifeasapa is a brand that was created thanks to hard work and efforts, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team.

It would be great if as many people as possible know about the organization. The company plans to cooperate with Elon Musk. It is easier to cope with everything together.

The Lifeasapa finances most of the world’s small companies. There are many grants available to help startups. Most scientists work for free. However, no one earns from this, except for small donations. The best and most promising organizations receive financial and brand support.

Artificial intelligence was developed not for profit, but for a good cause. This is the main principle of success.

The Lifeasapa has a team of professionals. There work committed people who want to leave new scientific developments in this world. The goal of artificial intelligence is to be able to solve problems that people have in life. It can be taught everything.

Who invests the project?

Investors of the Lifeasapa remain unknown. The organization does not need glory or PR. Science does not require this. Therefore, no one knows who gives funds for the development of the project and all developments.

Money does not go into the pocket of scientists, but for scientific researches. Employees do not make money on this at all. Investors remain anonymous.

If a beginner wants to follow our success, then he needs to choose a simpler organization. For example, Microsoft. There you can choose a specific field and start your hard way. However, that will not be enough. You also should have your own goal and inspiration, as was already mentioned.

Many people ask where the company finds clients. The Lifeasapa doesn’t look for them. They find the organization. It works openly, so people know its phone number.

Some people wonder if our developments will be useful. Yes, they will be helpful. But not immediately, after 10-30 years. And now the professor does not think about it. This is an unnecessary psychological burden, which is useless. Moreover, such thoughts limit freedom. What happens, happens. An artificial intelligence will soon become an integral part of many industries.

Future plans

In the next decade, artificial intelligence will become a part of our life. It will be distributed and will cover all areas of our activity. In 30-40 years, it will become a part of every occupation. The needs of the people will remain the same, but it will be easier to achieve their goals.

There is a simple example. People at all times liked to watch movies. But they used to go to cinemas. Now practically no one visits them. Everyone watches movies on the Internet while sitting at home at the computer.

Artificial intelligence programs will understand what people like and what their needs are. There are disadvantages. The introduction of such a development will cause the job loss, because robots will do everything instead of people. However, there are also advantages. People will be able to forget about routine work and be creative. They will think about what it means to be human, why they live in this world.

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