Projects That You Can Do with A Rotary Tool

Rotary tool is a very important and effective power- tool for everyone. This tool can be very handy for small jobs in homes and workshops.

There are various projects you can do easily with a rotary tool. Proper attachments with this tool makes it possible to do many tasks with one tool.

In this article we are going to talk about various projects that can be done with a rotary tool.

Projects with a rotary tool

Rotary tool is a hand powered power-tool. Professionals and homeworkers both can easily do their jobs with this.

Right accessories with the tool makes it possible for them to do many tasks. A rotary tool is mainly known for craft purpose works. But you can easily cut and sand many small items with this power-tool and you can learn more at

Let’s take a look at what tasks can be done with a rotary tool in the following article. 

Cutting holes in drywall

Sometimes you need to cut the dry walls of your house for decoration purposes or for setting electrical switch boards. You can cut holes on your drywall very easily with a rotary tool.

To cut the drywall, you need a multi-purpose straight bit or drywall cutting bits. At first measure and mark the area you need to cut. 

Now cut the area you marked. Cut some extra area than you need. 

You can also fix the holes with this tool. Just place a scraper shit under the tool as a support when fixing holes and joining compound on your wall.

Cutting wood and plywood

Rotary power-tools are very useful to small cut woods, boards and plywood. Attaching a carbide wood cutting wheel with the tool will give a good result while you cut woods.

Cut the woods or plywood on a working bench. If the bench is made of metal, then just put a scraper wood on the bench and put the material you want to cut on the scraper wood.

While you are cutting wood or plywood, just start cutting slowly and then increase the speed gradually. 

Cutting ceramic tiles

Another very important project that can be done with a rotary tool is cutting ceramic tiles. 

If you want to replace the bathroom tiles, a rotary tool can cut the tile for you. It can also be useful in removing grout. 

You can use a tile cutting disc or bit to cut the tiles. You can also remove grout with this blade or bit.

Start your cut at a slow speed. Then slowly increase the speed. After cutting for a while, just stop and clear the dust and again start cutting. Clearing the dust will help you to cut accurately.

Cutting detailed metal work

Another very essential task or project you can do with a rotary tool is, cutting metal items. You can cut padlocks, nails, screws and bolts with the help of this tool.

The right equipment to cut metal with this tool is a diamond cutting disc or cut of wheels. 

Before you start cutting any metal, make sure the tool gains the maximum speed. After reaching the maximum speed, start your cut.

While cutting nails and bolts, start from one side and then turn to the other side. It will help you to cut quickly and easily.

Fiber glass cutting

Fiberglass is used in swimming pools, bath tubs, roofing, molding etc. you can cut the fiber glass using your rotary tool.

The attachment you can use with this tool is a multi-purpose cutting bit or diamond cutting wheel.

Clean the dusts after cutting for a while and then again start your cut. 

Carving decorations and patterns on wood

Rotary tools are mostly known for carving decorations and patterns on wooden key chains, wall pieces etc. 

There are some carbide bits specially designed for carving. You can use those bits. You will also need a flexible shaft attachment.

Another thing you will need is the design you will carve on the wood. 

If you have to take down a large space, use the sanding drums. Sanding drums helps to make any area smoother. 

Changing your bits from small to larger will help you to do better carving.

Detailed sanding on wooden furniture

Rotary tools are perfect tools for sanding on wooden furniture. If you want to make the details on your furniture more prominent, then sanding drums can be very useful.

Sanding drums are available in various sizes and shapes. You can choose from them according to your need.

When you are about to sand your furniture, start slowly. Then continue sanding at a medium speed.

Keep changing your sanders according to how smoother the finish you want. More active sanders will make your furniture smoother. Active sanders are those which have been used very rarely. 

When you are sanding and the edges, tilt your tool in a 45-degree angle. In this process, you will be able to make the corners more precise. 


There are so many other things that you can do with a rotary tool. I have described some of those tasks. I hope you will find the information very useful and will be able to manage your projects with a rotary tool very smartly.