Promote your app with keyword installs


Using keyword installs is an effective way to promote your app. Keeping in mind some basic rules, you can reach higher conversion within a short time. Here, we are going to provide you a couple of tips and tricks to make your keyword promotion proficient.

After you have finished developing your app, created an appealing icon and screenshots, fixed all bugs that can drive away customers, it’s time to start working with keywords. As you may know, keywords are search inputs by which your app can be visible in the search results. So, your purpose is to understand the intentions of your potential customers and the features, which they can be searching for. Having analyzed it, you can proceed with creating a keyword cloud. You should pick up the most relevant search inquiries for your app and divide them into groups according to their semantic, score, and the volume of required installs. To estimate how many installs are needed for a specific keyword, you should launch a test campaign at first with a couple of phrases for 3-4 days. You should start with 10-15 installs and track the results in the Console after 2-3 days. This period is required for algorithms to recalculate your position and update the info concerning your app. After that, you can monitor your app’s rank by certain keywords and decide on your further strategy. Select the keywords that have demonstrated the best growth during the test and go ahead with ordering installs by them. It’s recommended to buy 10-15 installs per day and enhance this number stepwise – 1.5 times every second day. In this way, you’ll show the algorithm a consistent growth that will bring you more organic traffic.

To promote your app effectively, use the services of that ensures the top position for your app.

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